[Geiriau gan Mana Kawabe]Hmmm.Annoying Free … Change your mood with hobby reading / French Cup-Figure: Nikkan Sports Premium


[Geiriau gan Mana Kawabe]Hmmm. Tired for nothing … Reading as a hobby refreshes your mind / Coupe de France

[Angers (Ffrainc) 6ed = Gohebydd Matsumoto Aika]In the third round of the Grand Prix (GP) series of figure skating, the French Cup, Aina Kawabe (18 = Aichi Chukyo University Chukyo High School), Japan’s representative from the Beijing Olympic Games (Olympic), is the 6th woman. It was a site. In the short program (SP), he was the best of the season and started in 3rd place, but he cried in the free assignment. Overnight, he talked about future improvement measures, and introduced the changes he has made since moving from Kinoshita Academy and his hobby of reading.

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Women’s singles: Aina Kawabe 6th

[Canlyniadau sengl merched Coupe de France]

Acting SP Kawabe (Reuters)

Acting SP Kawabe (Reuters)

SP 3rd place is also free and drops to 6th place

――What are the challenges and benefits of appearing in the GP series?


the river bankHmm. Well, the short program gave me a lot of confidence in myself, and I think I was able to gain confidence in myself next time, but after all, my assignments are free. During the next two weeks, I thought I had to increase my free practice more and more so that I could have the same confidence as in the short program.

――What’s the hardest part of freelancing?

the river bankHmm. I couldn’t make any mistakes in practice, so I was in the same good condition as in the short program. I don’t have a good image for free skates in matches, not at all. Hmm. Instead of being in good shape, I had no image of what I could do in a game. From there, I became quite concerned. I feel that I have to work hard so that I can gain the confidence to overcome my anxiety.

“It must have been difficult at the end of last season. How do you feel this season?

the river bankHmm. I think there are a few things left over from last year, and this image of mine is still failing in the free program… The reason I haven’t been able to get it all right is because I haven’t practiced enough, and I have to overcome it. Even if I do well in the short program, I will fail in the free program (the next Round 6), so in Finland, I hope I can graduate well in both the short program and the program free.

-The reason for the lack of practice