[Geiriau Kazuki Tomono]There is a lot of confidence in the program whose characters have confirmed / French Cup-Figure: Nikkan Sports Premium


[Geiriau gan Kazuki Tomono]My character has confirmed, I have a lot of confidence in the program / Coupe de France

[Angers (Ffrainc) 6ed = Gohebydd Aika Matsumoto]Kazuki Tomono (24 = Ueno Shiba Skating Club) won the bronze medal in the third round of the Grand Prix (GP) figure skating series, French Cup. Although this was his third podium finish, it was a disappointing result for someone aiming for his first win. In an interview with the local media before the exhibition, he talked about what he didn’t have and the importance of preparation that he learned from Yuzuru Hanyu (27), who turned professional in July. Enjoy the content with enough volume more than 5000 characters.

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[Canlyniadau sengl dynion Coupe de France]

* Shinami Miyake withdrew from release due to poor physical condition

Tomono performs free skating (Reuters)

Tomono performs free skating (Reuters)

Next is the NHK Trophy, with the same potential except for Shoma

–At the end of the night


TomonoFor me, there is also a place where I wanted to get out a little more. Of course, I’m disappointed, but I managed to practice satisfactorily, and that was the result. I can honestly accept this result. It was a game where I found out where I was lacking. I thought the program was free in a game where the competition was strong and the medal was at stake, so I thought it was just a matter of trying again. I think I will do my best for the next time with a positive feeling.

――The three podiums at the NHK Trophy

Tomono(Union) Shoma-kun, who seems to win all the time, is a bit different, but after all, I think the other players are all members with the same potential according to each similar I really don’t know what will happen, and I think a strong player has the power to win even in that situation. I thought that what is needed is the strength of the skater itself, not the ability to skate. I think the NHK Trophy is a game where you can see that kind of thing. I think it’s just a matter of whether everyone has practiced a lot and can show it.

――Which result of this time, technical lack or mental attitude, do you think?