‘Gem Arif to be the President’s mate; Our ministers have nothing to do with Swapna’ – Kanam Rajendran | CPI | Cross Fire Interview

After the state conference and the party congress, the complete control of the CPI has been vested in state secretary Kanam Rajendran. His main opponents within the party have been excluded from the elements. All those placed in the leadership committees of the CPI are loyal to Kanam. The debate is raging in the CPI over whether the party is now a ‘singing dictatorship’. The excitement of that total victory is evident in Kanam Rajendran’s recent reactions. He criticizes Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, who is in conflict with the government. Kanam Rajendran talks to Manorama Malayalam Senior Special Correspondent Sujith Nair on ‘Crossfire’ about the controversial episodes in the party meetings and the new chapters opened by the Governor… Is Kanam Rajendran going beyond his restraint normal?, Is it protest against the Governor or is it anger or puchcha?, Kodiyeri-Kanam relationship was very warm. , with MV Govindan? Even after CPI intervened in the Vizhinjam issue, the struggle does not end?

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