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“Data version” Golden Glove Award using the comprehensive defense index “UZR”

The “2021 50th Mitsui Golden Glove Award” announced on the 2nd. For the players, it will be the title of a master. Determined by a vote of a professional baseball reporter who has a career of covering more than 5 years at newspapers and TV stations. I would like to see what happens to the results if selected from the perspective of Sabermetrics, not just the fielding percentage and the number of errors. This time is the Pacific League edition.

The index used is “UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating)”, which indicates the contribution to defense in general. It shows how many goals the defensive has prevented compared to when the average player in the same defensive position in the league defends. We referred to the data of DELTA Co., Ltd. (, which analyzes using Sabermetrics indicators.

It is Genda of the shortstop division that has set out outstanding numbers including the Central League. Needless to say, the master of the ball world was overwhelming with “22.9”. It is also a big difference with Kenta Imamiya of Softbank who was the runner-up in “8.3”. The actual award for the fourth consecutive year seems to be unwavering.

The third baseman division was a very high-level battle. The top Mogi is an outstanding number, but Orix’s Yuma Mune, who was in second place, is also “11.9”. The appearance of repeated good plays with outstanding physical ability was steadily reflected in the data.

By team, Lotte and Rakuten have the most 3 divisions. Softbank followed in two divisions. Orix, who won the league, became “uncrowned” on the data along with Nippon-Ham. Compared to the actual winners in 2020, the faces have changed except for Kai, Akira Nakamura, and Genda.

Will voting have similar results, or will they be significantly different? Attention is focused on the people who symbolize the “defense of 2021”.

(Full-Count editorial department data provided by: DELTA)

Data provided by: DELTA
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