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“Gender equality” talk hotly debated? Naiwan Studio issued a solemn statement! | Daily Economic News

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According to the Beijing News, Naiwan made a statement at a music festival earlier, saying, “Boys also have many dreams. They want to be players and gamers, but after the age of eighteen, their dreams are to buy a house and a car, so we should Give your beloved boys some understanding and tolerance. Girls should also be themselves, and everyone must insist on being themselves. This is called equality between men and women.” Later, the remarks aroused heated discussion.

At noon on May 6, Naiwan himself also posted a message on social media in response to the matter, “I will not back down because I did nothing wrong.”

On the afternoon of May 6, Naiwan Studio issued a statement on the recent Internet users’ out-of-context statement, Said in the statement,Recently, some Internet users maliciously distort Naiwan’s speech, and use this to attract attention and gain traffic to achieve the purpose of distorting Naiwan’s image.

Naiwan Studio has collected evidence for related infringements at the first time, and will pursue legal liabilities of related personnel in accordance with the law. The studio also uses this to admonish relevant infringers to take the artist’s speech out of context and forcibly relate the current hot issues. It has achieved the purpose of “leading war” and “consuming artistes” in the dark, and satisfying their personal dark motives. At the legal level Has constituted a serious infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of artists, and shall bear the corresponding consequences and legal liabilities.

(Daily Economic News Comprehensive Beijing News, official Weibo of Naiwan Studio, personal Weibo of Naiwan)

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