General Kim Young-chan ♥ Lee Ye-rim I feel good about the first meeting… I knew it was Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter Urban Fisherman 3

Photo = Channel A ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ broadcast screen.

Lee Kyung-gyu’s spare son-in-law soccer player Kim Young-chan appeared on Channel A’s ‘Urban Fisherman 3’.

In ‘Only Trust Me and Follow Urban Fisherman 3’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Urban Fisherman 3’), which was broadcast on the 2nd, Kim Young-chan and Park Jin-cheol appeared as guests and went fishing for long-tailed sea bream in Chagwido, Jeju.

When asked if he had ever gone fishing with Lee Kyung-gyu that day, Kim Young-chan said, “No. It’s the first time, but my father told me before he came.” “He always takes care of me, watches the game, and says, ‘You did a good job’ after the game.” “Rather than burden, only my father. I came to believe,” he said, bringing warmth.

When asked what he would call his son-in-law, Lee Kyung-gyu shivered, saying, “I don’t call you well.” To this, the production team laughed and said, “It’s been 20 minutes since filming, and the two have never seen each other.”

Afterwards, the members went fishing for long-tailed beng egrets, and Lee Kyung-gyu was seen taking care of Kim Young-chan, a novice fishing novice. However, when there was no bite despite Lee Kyung-gyu’s help, Kim Young-chan complained, “I’m going to die. It’s a thorn cushion.” When Lee Su-geun said, “Your son-in-law doesn’t seem to have any inspiration. I don’t think there are many things that you can do.”

Photo = Channel A 'Urban Fisherman 3' broadcast screen.
Photo = Channel A ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ broadcast screen.

Kim Young-chan’s fishing rod, which he had missed even when a bite came, responded again, and Lee Kyung-gyu quickly approached with a net and helped Kim Young-chan, barely succeeding in catching tuna. At this, Kim Young-chan was delighted and laughed, saying, “Yerim, it’s okay if you don’t vomit. I’ll catch one.”

After that, Lee Kyung-gyu and Kim Young-chan spent time eating a packed lunch. Lee Su-geun, who witnessed the awkward air flowing between the two, said, “I don’t know if the whole family is going, but it’s awkward for an adult father-in-law and a son-in-law to go fishing.”

In the continuing classic, Jin-cheol Park caught a long-tailed bream and caused cheers. However, Jin-cheol Park picked up the fish while carrying it and dropped it, and the sudden wave rushed in and the long-tailed sea bream quickly returned to the sea. In the end, the members couldn’t catch the long-tailed bream and ended the fishing.

The returning members ate and talked. Kim Young-chan said about his first meeting with his wife, Kim Ye-rim, “I met through an introduction. It’s not a blind date, but among my friends (Yerim and I), I have a close friend, and we had a good feeling for each other at the meeting.”

Kim Young-chan affirmed when asked if he knew from the first meeting that Ye-rim Lee’s father was Lee Kyung-gyu. When Lee Soo-geun joked, “Did I know you were still dating?”, Lee Kyung-gyu asked, “What great sin have I committed?” and made everyone laugh. Next, Lee Kyung-gyu could not continue talking about his daughter’s marriage, saying, “It feels good to meet a good person.”

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia

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