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Yoo Sang-beom, chief spokesperson of People Power. joint comment picture

People’s Power chief spokesman Yoo Sang-beom said of the same party’s senior council member, Kim Jae-won, who has recently caused controversy with regressive comments related to the 5/18 Democracy Movement and comments such as “Pastor Kwang-Hoon’s right Jeon-. wing squad, unite the world.” I don’t think it fell off,” he said. Regarding the ‘review of the general election’ in April next year by Minister for Justice Han Dong-hoon, raised by some of the people’s strengths, he expressed a negative view, saying, “We need a government speaker. ” Speaker Yoo appeared on the radio on the 28th (MBC) and said, “(High Commissioner Kim Jae-won) is a close friend and political superior.” Previously, on the 25th (local time), in a lecture held by a conservative organization in the United States, Supreme Commissioner Kim said, “Pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon has united the right-wing camp.” On December 12, he attended a service at the Sarang Jeil Church, where Pastor Jeon belongs, and expressed his position that he “is opposed to incorporating the spirit of the May 18 Democracy Movement into the Constitution.” He continues to make comments on the extreme right in close association with the former minister, who tends to be far-right. Regarding rumors of Minister Han Dong-hoon entering politics, Speaker Yoo said, “If I were president, I (Minister Han Dong-hoon) would not have run for the general election.” There is a part that needs some kind of speaker to persuade and guide the government’s policies to the people.” Speaker Yoo is a member of the Special Committee on Judicial Reform (Special Private Committee), which was formed to discuss subsequent measures for so-called prosecution reform, such as the bill to separate investigation and prosecution prosecution, but he also said that don’t know who the chairman was. When asked by the moderator, “Is the chairman of the special committee Jeong Seong-ho from the Democratic Party?”, he replied, “Yes.” The host said, ‘Because we don’t even have a meeting. What if the committee member doesn’t know the chairman?” Representative Yoo said, “I am very sorry about this.” Correspondent Kim Kyung-wook


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