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General strike demanding ‘safe fare system’… “Minimum wage to prevent speeding and overloading”

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A trade union made up of truck drivers, a cargo regiment, went on strike for three days from today.

The issue is the ‘safe fare system’, a kind of ‘minimum wage’ that guarantees a fair profit in addition to actual expenses such as oil and maintenance costs.

It is said that accidents such as speeding and overloading can also be prevented if freight companies do not cut unit prices unreasonably.

First of all, this is reporter Ko Eun-sang.

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Container base in Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Two thousand truck drivers gathered.

1,200 truck drivers gathered in front of the Busan New Port pier.

The labor union and cargo coalition of 23,000 truck drivers went on strike for three days from today.

[김신희/화물연대 서울경기지역본부 부본부장]

“It is a struggle to change the irrational structure of passing all costs on to freight workers.”

The issue is the safe fare system.

The safe fare system was introduced in 2018 with the amendment of the National Assembly Act.

It’s like a kind of minimum wage that guarantees truck drivers a minimum fair fare and maintenance costs such as gas and insurance.

However, it was applied only to containers and cement carriers. Of the total 410,000 trucks, 26,000 units, or 6% of the total.

It is also a 3-year limited time system, so it will disappear at the end of next year.

The Cargo Solidarity is demanding that the safe fare system be expanded to prevent freight companies from slashing unit prices.

When a safe fare is guaranteed, speeding or overloading can be prevented.

In fact, as a result of a survey conducted by the Cargo Solidarity, when the safe fare system was applied, overloading decreased by 62%, speeding by 39%, and drowsy driving by 26%.

However, freight companies are opposed to it because it increases the burden of transportation costs.

[서동렬/서울경기지역본부 쟁의국장]

“It’s a good legal system that can relieve even a little bit of all these risk factors, whether it’s overwork, speeding or overloading, while receiving a fair fare. To protect the safety of the people.”

The Cargo Solidarity decided to gather in front of the National Assembly on Saturday, the last day of the strike, to urge the National Assembly to revise the law.

This is Go Eun-sang from MBC News.

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