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GENERATIONS, USA, TETSUYA ale to the torchbearer! Satomi Ishihara also dances “Choo Choo TRAIN” (event report / 39 photos)

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At the “NTT Presents Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Celebration” held today at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Plaza in Kanagawa on June 30th.EXILE USA、EXILE TETSUYA、GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE appeared.


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The “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Celebration” was held as a non-spectator event using NTT’s latest technology to liven up the torch relay. Seiko Hashimoto, Chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Aki Taguchi, Official Ambassador of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games,Satomi Ishihara also took the stage, and the venue was live-streamed on YouTube as well as live VR on “REALIVE 360”.

EXILE TETSUYA (left) and EXILE USA (right) dancing “Rising Sun -2020-“.[Enlarge]

At the beginning of the event, USA and TETSUYA joined “Rising Sun -2020-” with kids dancers from Soma district in Fukushima prefecture, Mashiki town in Kumamoto prefecture and Nishihara village, and titled “NTT 2020 Special Dance-Connecting the future”. Show off a dance performance. Unfortunately, it was a stage in the rain, but the two praised the children, saying, “It was awesome!” USA said, “I think we were able to perform with our thoughts because everyone who has felt suffering and sadness.” TETSUYA said, “I want to continue to perform with the desire to energize Japan toward the future of children.” “I looked back on the stage.

EXILE USA ignites the torch plate.

EXILE USA ignites the torch plate.[Enlarge]

After that, while SAMURIZE from EXILE TRIBE welcomed, USA re-entered as the final torchbearer to this venue. The torch plate was ignited. USA, who finished the big role, said in a talk session with a relieved expression, “I was worried about the weather, but I was able to run with excitement.” TETSUYA, who watched the run in USA, smiled, “Isn’t the production more gorgeous than when I was? (Laughs), but it was very nice and beautiful” compared to when I ran at an event held in Osaka. I showed you.

Chairman Hashimoto said, “I felt the weight of the fire of Olympia in Greece so far,” and Ishihara said, “It was fantastic, dramatic, and very exciting. It made me feel better.” Reveal your impressions. In addition, USA, which was asked for an ale to the relay runner who connects the torch until the opening ceremony, sent a message saying, “I hope it will be safely done to Tokyo and become a torch relay that will illuminate the hearts of as many people as possible.”


「Choo Choo TRAIN」を踊るGENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE。[Enlarge]

Following the performance by calligrapher Soun Takeda, we went to the GENERATIONS live stage. Here, a performance was unfolded using “Kirari!”, An “ultra-high presence communication technology” developed by NTT. After showing off the first song “You & I”, Ryota Katayose said, “It’s a song with a message that even if you’re away, you have one heart.” I thought it would be perfect for the theme, so I sang it. “

Satomi Ishihara and Aki Taguchi dancing “Choo Choo TRAIN”.[Enlarge]

After that, USA, TETSUYA, Takeda, Ishihara, and Taguchi joined and performed a collaboration performance using “Kirari!”. GENERATIONS was surprised when the choreography of the EXILE “Choo Choo TRAIN” intro, in which each of the five danced, was cut out using “Kirari!” And immediately synthesized as a vertical row of dance images.

After “One in a Million -Miracle Night-“, which was fascinated by the video production and the performance with the female dancer, Katayose and Ryuto Kazuhara singing on the stage in “DREAMERS” use “Kirari!” Real-time “teleportation” to the NTT booth in front of the warehouse. In addition, there is a plan to transfer the appearance of Mandy Sekiguchi and Reo Sano to the audience seats where runners are seated and the NTT booth, creating a virtual sense of unity with the venue. At the end, “YMCA” was performed powerfully and the event was closed.

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