Genexine “Corona vaccine candidate, confirmed the efficacy of booster shot in animal tests”

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Genexine[095700]As a result of animal experiments using ‘GX-19N’, which is being developed as a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine, as a booster shot (additional inoculation to enhance efficacy), the neutralizing antibody that can neutralize the virus increased up to 76 times 3 said work.

According to Genexine, this animal experiment was conducted by inoculating rats with a dead vaccine against COVID-19, and comparing and analyzing immune responses after inoculating mice with the existing dead vaccine and GX-19 as a booster shot for 4 weeks. The dead vaccine inoculated in the control group is a product of Sinovac or Sinopharm, an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine using a dead virus. Which of the two vaccines was not disclosed.

As a result, when GX-19N was administered as a booster shot, both the RBD (Receptor Binding Domain) binding antibody and the neutralizing antibody of the spike protein induced by vaccination were statistically significantly increased.

When looking at the change in binding antibody after the booster shot, it increased only 1.7 times in the case of the dead vaccine, but increased by 181 times in the case of GX-19N.

In addition, the neutralizing antibody was 76 times higher in the experimental group using GX-19N as a booster shot compared to the dead vaccine. T-cell responses, which are immune cells, were also active in the experimental group.

Similar results were also observed for the mutated COVID-19 virus. As a result of conducting the same animal experiment with beta mutations from South Africa and delta mutations from India, neutralizing antibodies were found to increase 54-fold and 76-fold.

Genexine interprets this as an indication of the fact that when GX-19N is used as a booster shot, it can induce an equal level of neutralizing antibody regardless of mutation.

A Genexine official said, “If GX-19N is implemented as a booster shot, it will be possible to respond to various mutations that may occur in the future as well as existing mutations through extensive T cell amplification with neutralizing antibodies.”

Currently, Genexine is preparing a clinical trial to verify the protective efficacy of GX-19N in adults who were vaccinated with Sinobac or Sinopharm’s Corona 19 vaccine. It has submitted plans for phase 2 and 3 clinical trials to Indonesian and Argentinean health authorities, respectively, and is awaiting approval.


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