“Genius” defeats famous man “Hor” evidence related to online gambling sites sent to Royal Thai Embassy for investigation

“Genius” brings the evidence of the actor’s husband “H” related to the online gambling site to the Embassy to investigate while the Embassy Commissioner prepares to consider issuing an arrest warrant for the suspects in the case of Macau 888 next week.

The Investigation Unit of the online gambling website Macao 888 joined a meeting to follow the progress of the case to collect more evidence to prosecute those involved. After last week, the investigation team went to question additional related persons, such as Dew-Arisara, as well as investigating additional relevant evidence afterwards

Pol. Lt Gen. Worawat Wat Nakorn Bancha Police Commissioner for Investigating Technology Crimes or Sad Sor Sor revealed that there is currently no request for the court to issue arrest warrants for suspects involved in additional cases. After today’s meeting He will take the information that was considered related to the person in question. And if the evidence reaches any person, all prosecutions will be taken. And it will be clear next week. As for “Benz Damon’s” siblings

Initially, it was found that he was still abroad. But if anyone with relevant evidence is found, he will ask the court to issue an arrest warrant in accordance with the procedure. And if anyone is abroad, they can request an arrest warrant for Interpol. Ready to confirm that the death of Pol Lt Gen Panya Pinsuk, chairman of the investigation team in this case. There is no pressure from making the case and it was just mentioned last week that there will be two meetings today, but after this it will be proposed to the Commissioner of the National Police. Appoint a new investigation team chair for the working group to move forward

Although Mr Achariya Ruangratanapong President of the Crime Victims Support Club Bring the evidence of the husband of the actor, the abbreviation “H”, and the DJ who was found to be involved in making online gambling websites for the police to investigate and sue. There is also information about Mr Ruby. and it was found that he was someone close to Inspector Sua

Mr Achariya said that after receiving this piece of evidence, it is expected that the Royal Thai Police will search the target soon. and the police who are still in service are also involved. 3 other brothers of Mr Benz had previously given evidence to the police. who are related to each other And believe that he will ask the court to issue an arrest warrant soon