“Genius” revealed again, smashing important evidence in the case of “watermelon” being dissected, leaving only the remains?

And for the progress of the “watermelon” case yesterday (20 May 65) “genius” or “Genius Ruangrattanapong” President of the Crime Victim Assistance Club have traveled to Charay Police Office (Bang Khen) brought a complaint letter to the Commissioner of the National Police To establish a disciplinary examination committee for the commander of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Police Hospital. and the doctor at the autopsy “watermelon” Including giving testimony to the fact-checking committee. In the complaint, the Big 4 police officers set to resolve the case. “Watermelon”

which after “genius” has submitted a letter and completed additional testimony has come out for an interview with the media, saying that “In the establishment of an investigative committee, Pol. Gen. Montree Yim Yim, special counsel of the Royal Thai Police, will be the chairman of the investigation into this case. Even though Police General Montree will be a cadet of the same class as Police Lieutenant General Jiraphat Phumchit, Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1

but still trusts in the work of Police General Montree and the evidence gathered to be presented to the investigative committee and believed to take action against the police related to the matter especially the Provincial Police Commissioner of Nonthaburi Province.”

in addition “genius” not yet “Targeted to be number 1 and will take action outside the area. or to move out of the area Due to the matter referred to in many cases under investigation. including the transfer of police allowances during the covid epidemic in the area of ​​Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, allowing the opening of gambling establishments in the Nonthaburi area and the latest case is to let the medium be damaged

The case of the speedboat at the scene that “Genius” claimed to have 2 boats, now there is information that “The real shipwreck is now in Chonburi Province. And has been dissected into a carcass already, which today (21 May 65) will bring the matter to give information to the Department of Special Investigation again.

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