‘Gentleman and Lady’ finds Ji Hyun-woo’s memory and records 37.2% viewership rating ‘Self-best’

picture explanationPhoto|KBS broadcast screen capture

‘A Gentleman and a Lady’ recorded its own highest ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company on the 7th, the 46th episode of the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’ (played by Kim Sa-kyung, directed by Shin Chang-seok), aired on the 6th, recorded 37.2% (national standard). This is an increase from the 34% recorded in episode 45 and corresponds to its highest rating.

On this day’s broadcast, Josora (Park Ha-na) visited Dan-dan Park (Lee Se-hee) and said, “Think about the child in your stomach. please like this

Please, break up with the president,” he said. In the end, Park Dan-dan met Lee Young-guk and said goodbye to her, saying, “I will not come to visit you again.”

Lee Young-guk was furious when he found out that Jo Jo-ra had visited Dan-dan Park and her family. Josora leaked pregnancy news and threatened Lee Young-guk.

Lee Young-guk hit the wall with his fist in frustration and regained his memory. He drew attention by asking Josora, who had been following him, “Who is the child in the boat you, chief of staff?”

‘A Gentleman and a Lady’, which is about to end, is gaining popularity by recording its highest ratings. Attention is focused on whether the viewership rating will exceed 40%.

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