‘Gentleman and Lady’ Lee Jong-won and Lee Il-hwa’s violence scene controversy…”Is this worth the KBS license fee?”

The viewers’ bulletin board for the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’ was devastated by viewers’ dissatisfaction.

In the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’, which aired on the 9th, Lee Jong-won’s runaway was drawn when he found out about Lee Il-hwa’s identity. Park Soo-cheol (Lee Jong-won), who received the genetic test results that day, was shocked to find out that Ana Kim and Park Dan-dan were the biological children. Park Soo-cheol was very angry when he remembered Ana Kim (Lee Il-hwa) who suggested that he go to America with Park Dan-dan and Kim Ji-young, who left him.

After a while, Ana Kim, who was walking in the parking lot, appeared, and he turned around involuntarily at the sound of calling him ‘Ji Young-ah’. Behind him was Park Soo-cheol, and Ana Kim said, “What did you just say to me? I looked back involuntarily.” However, Park Soo-cheol slapped Anna Kim on the cheek, saying, “You’re right Ji-young. Are you Ji-young? Kim Ji-young”.

Furthermore, Park Soo-cheol was furious at Ana Kim’s text message saying, “I will come to the chicken house because I have something to say,” and went to his house. Afterwards, Park Soo-cheol grabbed Ana Kim by the neck and pushed her away, and Ana Kim knelt down and prayed to Park Soo-cheol. After the broadcast, viewers quarreled over the scene.

In particular, some viewers posted strong protests on the program viewer’s bulletin board, saying, “The scene is too violent.” In fact, netizens commented, “It’s very unpleasant”, “Why are there unnecessary scenes like this in a weekend drama?”, “Is this worth the license fee that KBS said?” reacted, etc.

Meanwhile, ‘Gentleman and Lady’ recorded the highest viewership rating of 35.7% (Ep. 28, based on Nielsen Korea) and is gaining popularity.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team



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