‘Geonjin Law’ Cobana Contents Advisory Activities…Kim Geon-hee’s side “I only gave you a title”

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A business card appeared stating that the former Mo, who had been controversial, was an advisor to Kim Kun-hee’s company when it was revealed that he was active in Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon’s predecessors.

It was explained that the power of the people only gave a title and never worked, but the Democratic Party launched an offensive to reveal the truth.

Reporter Lee Ki-joo reports.

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On the 1st, at the event of the People’s Power predecessor headquarters, Mr. Jeon Mo was caught guiding candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.

[전 모 씨]

“Come here, everyone..”

People’s Power said that Mr. Jeon had only had a relationship with Candidate Yoon, but after one day of controversy, he dismantled the network headquarters and started to block allegations related to shamanism.

However, the controversy resurfaced when it became known that Jeon attended the VIP event of the exhibition organized by Kim Gun-hee in 2015.

Candidate Yoon’s side refuted, saying, “I don’t know how he attended.”

[이양수/국민의힘 선대본부 수석대변인 (지난 23일)]

“To exaggerate and exaggerate the suspicions of your spouse only aggravates the people’s fatigue.”

However, this explanation also led to another question when it was confirmed through a business card that Mr. Geonjin Beopsa served as an advisor to Mr. Kim’s company, Cobana Contents, around 2014, before attending the exhibition.

It has been revealed that Kim Gun-hee may have been close with the former Gunjin Beopsa for a long time.

Candidate Yoon’s side acknowledged the relationship between the two of them belatedly, stating that there was a fact that Mr. Jeon gave him the title of adviser because he said he would promote the exhibition, but insisted that Mr.

Candidate Yoon also drew a line.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선 후보]

“The business card has been confirmed that it was Kovana’s advisor. What do you think of this?]I’m just a beginner.”

The Democratic Party launched an offensive, saying, “Even with undeniable testimonies and reports, only false explanations are repeated.”

Democratic lawmakers also visited Suwon Women’s University and raised suspicions about Kim’s hiring of an adjunct professor.

Suwon Women’s University said that there was no special recruitment and repeatedly denied Yoon’s claim that “there was no public recruitment at the time.”

[장기원/수원여대 총장]

“Since we have always adopted the general open recruitment method, we did not proceed with any special recruitment process for a specific person named Kim Kun-hee.”

In the midst of this, Kim Geon-hee, who is rumored to be on the run after the Lunar New Year holiday, disclosed her profile directly on the portal site, but there were not a few controversial contents related to academic background.

This is Lee Ki-joo from MBC News.

Video Editing: Woo Seong-ho

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