George Russell “The role of the driver has been overestimated in the development of F1 engines”[]

George Russell believes the role of F1 drivers in the development of modern cars is too great. Mercedes F1, which started the season running the zero-side pod concept last season, introduced a series of major upgrades to its W14 engine at last weekend’s Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

In addition to physical body changes, including new sidepods, Mercedes F1 has updated the front suspension and improved the floor. Both Russell and team-mate Lewis Hamilton were skeptical about evaluating the performance of the new parts at a less popular circuit such as Monaco, but both drivers were positive about the update during the weekend’s action. Russell acknowledges that driver feedback is a key asset in getting an F1 car on track, but points out that engineers at teams don’t always get the credit they deserve. “Race after race, circuit after circuit, we give our opinion, say this is what the car needs, this is what needs to be improved, and come back. Every driver is more or less, we uses a simulator, which is a very useful tool in developing the car,” said Russell. “That’s why I put as much effort into the simulation as possible.” “But at the end of the day, Lewis and I and the key engineers set a goal and realized the direction we decided we needed to take. it’s the talented and intelligent designers and engineers who make it.” “The perception that the driver is the key to developing a car and deciding whether it’s good or bad is probably not always correct. . Aerodynamics engineers and specialists are underrepresented in this regard because they are the talented people behind this work.”


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