Georgia faces harsh sentences for Putin insults

WSince a Georgian journalist has insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin with vulgar language, the entire country should now be held accountable. Georgia should be exposed to an export ban on wine and the famous mineral water Borjomi to Russia, demanded Russian parliamentarians. Moreover, the hundreds of thousands of Georgians in Russia should no longer be allowed to transfer money to their families in the Black Sea republic.

The Duma will submit a request to the government this Tuesday, said parliamentarian Vyacheslav Volodin in Moscow on Monday. A government spokesman told the agency "Interfax" in the evening that the issue will be examined.

That would be a new blow to the comparatively poor ex-Soviet republic of Georgia in the South Caucasus. On Monday, in the middle of the holiday season, Putin imposed a ban on flights between the two countries. This was Moscow's response to anti-Russian protests in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in June.

Sender had to stop program because of protests

It was triggered by a visit from a Russian deputy who had taken his place on the chair of the President of Parliament at the invitation of his hosts. This angered thousands of Georgians. Now Georgi Gabunia, the prominent Georgian journalist, had insulted Putin on the TV channel "Rustavi 2" and fouled his entire family into feces.


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