Georgia Football Speaker, Kirby, smartbacks quarterbacks, depth anxiety

ATHENS – Georgia's football coach, Kirby Smart, is so comfortable with the quarterback situation as well as another job on the team, and said on television last week.

"Any job you look at your football team, you are deeply worried, "Smart said on the week of Paul Finebaum of the SEC last week." If a coach tells you that you do not worry about depth, it is likely to be located.

"We are deeply worried at all posts across the board."

Undoubtedly, Georgia saw how rapidly it could reach the depth of the past season. The SEC Bulldogs Championship is likely to be costed and another look at Football College.

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Senior Senior Lineer D 'Andre Walker was enjoying the MVP performance when he crashed down at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the CSS Championship Game.

The Bulldogs were headed on Alabama 28-21 at a time, but Walker was out of grief, there was no other player at the UGA who could provide a press and container by post.

As a result, Jide Hurts's former Tide travel came out of the bench and opposed Alabama on the base. Hurts bought the time with the scrambles that could not have an UGA soccer leader in the game.

The good news at the OLB position is that the leading university at the UGA, as Walker's pre-backup – Brenton Cox – was on the defense line.

Both singles 5 star Nolan Smith and junior college Jermaine Johnson are both talented and talented to compete immediately and find their way on the field.

Horticulture, of course, draws a bigger attention to the position of a repeat. But the CSS Championship Game was evidence of the importance of each spot on the team, as Smart suggested.

The Georgia quarterback defeated when Justin Fields was elected to the State of Ohio, where he recently granted a recent waiver for immediate eligibility.

But the Bulldogs would probably avoid the high profile controversy, based on recent tweets from current and former players, sharing the typing room.

Smart challenged the QB depth issue while the former challenge of Buckeyes Dwan Mathis and QB Stetson Bennett joined the class with a former walking background.

GAELMHARA: Georgia recruits Dwan Mathis's teammate who wants to win a championship & # 39;

"We are grateful for the two young men who came into our mid-year program," Smart said. "We know a lot about Stetson because it's in our program, he's playing in a spring game with 93,000 people there. I really hope it."

Bennett is a junior college player and experience with the UGA scout team is relatively offset by his frame (6-foot, 172 pounds) and arm strength.

On the other hand, Mathis's 6-foot-5, 215-pound has a large physical ability and needs to learn the proportion effectively.

"Dwan is a child like a sponge, "Smart said." It's going here and he has done a lot of academic and we're hoping to see what he does this spring. "

Jake Óm, the team captain and captain of staff returning recently said that many players were coming in.

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