Georgia Tech Campus is alert after radish fox attacks students

Georgia Tech warns students and staff to be alert after a rabid fox attacked four students.

On Friday, one student had a bit and two others had pants legs foxed in their unoccupied unions.

On Sunday, they left an assault without scoring another student's scratch, according to Lance Wallace's university spokeswoman.

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The fox was captured and positively declared for contracts, which can be disseminated by exposure to exposed infection of animals. Symptoms of misery symptoms can be combined.

The students have pre-treatment for post-exposed treatment, according to Wallace, and three have returned to the classes.

The cost of convention treatment can exceed $ 3,000, according to the Disease Control and Prevention Centers.

"There are many foxes, we know," said Wallace, and the university is getting help to get the other people.

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The path in which the animal was attacked with tape and warning signs was blocked. Georgia Tech is asking the campus community to avoid the area for a wide range of warnings.

Abi Lewal, a student, told the Channel Action Action Channel that she is making a different way to the class because she fears she is a bit.

"My friend in my research group said that he saw one of the foxes around here," she said. "I decided to take the long way so we would not wear such a fox."

Georgia Tech is asking anyone who thinks they contact one of the farmed animals to seek medical treatment, as there are no early signs of inconvenience. Wallace said they could include fever, headache and fatigue.

Non-natal conflicts are fatal in humans.

Anyone who sees a fox on the Georgia Tech campus is asked to contact the school police department at 404-894-2500.

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