Georgia Tech reveals McCamish Pavilion Court - Men's Basketball - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Georgia Tech reveals McCamish Pavilion Court - Men's Basketball - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

A new Tech Gold inconsistent paint scheme aims to cure a playing surface

FLAT – Georgia Tech unveiled athletics refinished by McCamish Pavilion – GT men's basketball house and ladies – Friday.

The playing surface was refurbished during the season for two reasons:

  1. new 3-point line to men, transferred back to 22 feet, 1 lach inch for the 2019-20 season, and a 3-point line of women remains at 20 feet, 9 inches;
  2. a more consistent look at Tech Gold paint on the court.

Tech Gold was introduced as an official gold tech athletics of Georgia Tech in April 2018 and was the most used color when McCamish Pavilion court was restored last summer. However, while the right gold Tech color was used on the court, its appearance was inconsistent based on a number of factors, including lighting, material on video cards and ribbon boards of the field and, for fans of watching the TV, the use of cameras during the broadcast.

Todd Stansbury, Andy Blanton on the redesign of McCamish Pavilion court

“Last year, we chose Tech Gold to set up the basketball court and we quickly understood whether it was the size of the court, whether the types of cameras used to use our games. televising, the gold might take a different look at it, ”director of athletics Georgia Tech t Todd Stansbury said.

After extensive research and feedback from experts, it was decided that a darker color would be needed to make Tech Gold's appearance still consistent. Therefore, it was decided that the court places outside the court would be painted in secondary Tech black, blue, and that the GT logo remained at the center court and the free-worn lanes at each of the Tech Gold floors.

“We went through an extensive selection process to try to achieve the right,” said Stansbury.

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