Georgina Rodríguez, the sexy model in Sebastián Yatra’s new video

After days of leaving us clues through their social networks and revolutionizing their millions of followers with a possible collaboration between the two, we have finally been able to see Sebastián Yatra’s new video clip, ‘Energía bacana’, which marks Georgina’s debut as an actress Rodriguez.

And, it is undeniable, the model and influencer loves the camera, demonstrating her talent for acting while taking a dip in a spectacular pool, dancing or laughing accompanied by her group of friends, ‘Las Queridas’, who also have gap in a video that hours after its release has already accumulated more than 200,000 views on YouTube and is on its way to becoming one of the Colombian singer’s greatest hits.

Three minutes directed by Yatra in which Cristiano Ronaldo sneaks in for a few seconds, starring in a most lovey-dovey dance with Georgina who, in a display of shots and postures that highlight her beauty and spectacular body, moves like a fish in the water before the cameras.

Sebastián Yatra leaves you wanting more when he talks about his love with Aitana

But, in addition to the Portuguese footballer, there is another unexpected protagonist in the video clip. And it is none other than Aitana Ocaña, since ‘Energía Bacana’ is a love song – one of the Colombian’s most personal – in which Yatra makes numerous references to his girlfriend with lyrics that leave no room for doubt: “Before From being your boyfriend, I was your friend and now you are the touch of my heart. If I am going to smile, you are the reason. Everything was good and now it is better”; “You give me peace and you give me sex. 28 and 23, hey. Zero drama, zero stress, yeah” – his ages when he composed the song – among other fragments in which the artist declares his love for the singer from ‘The babies’.

Furthermore, and according to a theory that spreads like wildfire on social networks, Aitana would also appear in the video clip for ‘Energía Bacana’ – a very common expression in Colombia – which in Sebastián’s words is dedicated to “those people who brighten your life.” , they elevate you, give you peace and fill you with good vibes.” Like her girl.

Aitana gets sensual with ‘miamor’ with Rels B; And Sebastian Yatra?

In a scene in which Yatra is in a nightclub, the presence of a girl next to him with a cap and glasses who smiles at him and who only appears for a few seconds has unleashed madness due to her undeniable resemblance to Aitana, since not only He has her height, her haircut and her features, but she even wears the same earrings as the singer. If it is her, it is something we will discover soon…

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