German Football Legend Lothar Matheus Criticizes Coach Tuchel’s Aggressive Remarks After Bayern Munich Loss

German Football Legend Lothar Matheus Criticizes Coach Tuchel’s Aggressive Criticisms

Bavarian Football, a German publication, reported on the 24th (Korea time) that Lothar Matheus (62), a German football legend, criticized coach Tumas Tuchel (49) for his aggressive comments. According to the report, after Bayern Munich’s loss to Leipzig in the German Super Cup, Coach Tuchel resorted to criticizing the players instead of providing constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Munich’s Defeat and the German Super Cup

On the 13th, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, Munich suffered a 0-3 defeat to Leipzig in the 2023 German Super Cup. Dani Olmo’s hat-trick secured Leipzig’s victory. The German Super Cup is a highly anticipated competition between the Bundesliga champions of the previous season and the winners of the pre-season cup competition.

Debut of Kim Min-jae and Harry Kane

The debut of transfer students Kim Min-jae and Harry Kane added excitement to the game. They both made their official debut as substitutes, playing alongside each other. Kim Min-jae came on as a substitute in the second half when the score was 0-2, playing for approximately 45 minutes. In the 25th minute of the second half, he made a remarkable block, denying what seemed like a certain goal. Benjamin Cesco received a pass and made a close-range attempt, but Kim Min-jae’s exceptional defensive tackle prevented the goal.

Harry Kane, who had just announced his transfer on the same day, was also included in the substitutes’ list. He stepped onto the field in the 18th minute of the second half as a replacement for Matisse Tell. Although Kane only had three touches and showed limited activity during his 26-minute appearance, Coach Tuchel expressed his disappointment in the team’s performance during a post-match interview, remarking that he believed Kane thought they hadn’t trained adequately in the past four weeks.

Tuchel’s Frustration and Matheus’ Critique

Coach Tuchel expressed his frustration, emphasizing that today’s game was a significant issue that had persisted from their previous home game against Leipzig. He struggled to explain the team’s performance, citing a lack of many aspects. Lothar Matheus, in response, expressed concern over the impact of Tuchel’s critical remarks on the players. Matheus, a known admirer of Kim Min-jae, regarded the transfer as a great move and praised his abilities, stating that the player was one of the best in Serie A. He voiced his opinion that Coach Tuchel’s words and actions could potentially complicate the players’ understanding and create unnecessary complications in their minds.

Proper Management of the Locker Room

Matheus warned that if Coach Tuchel failed to be cautious with his words and actions, it could negatively affect the management of the locker room. He also criticized the decision to include Kane in the game less than a day after joining the team. Contrary to expectations, Kane showed a much-improved performance in the next game, scoring a goal and providing an assist in the Bundesliga opener against Werder Bremen. This performance validated Matheus’ criticism, suggesting that allowing Kane adequate time to acclimate was the correct approach.

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German football legend Lothar Matheus (62) attacked coach Tumas Tuchel (49), who was aggressive. Germany’s ‘Bavarian Football’ reported on the 24th (Korea time), “When Bayern Munich lost to Leipzig in the last German Super Cup, coach Tuchel recklessly criticized the players instead of explaining and improving the game.”

Munich defeated Leipzig and the 2023 German Super Cup at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 13th, allowing Dani Olmo a hat-trick and losing 0-3. The German Super Cup is a competition between the previous season’s Bundesliga champions and the winners of the pre-season cup competition.

The transfer student duo, Kim Min-jae and Harry Kane, made their official debut as substitutes alongside each other that day. Kim Min-jae played for around 45 minutes as a substitute at the start of the second half with the score trailing 0-2. In the 25th minute of the second half, he made a strong impression by blocking a shot that appeared to be a goal with decisive defence. Benjamin Cesco, who received a stray pass, broke through close to the goal, beat the goalkeeper, and hit a left-footed shot, but Kim Min-jae, who followed until the end, threw his body and blocked it with sling tackle.

Kane, who announced the transfer on the morning of the same day, was also listed on the substitution list and was replaced by Matisse Tell in the 18th minute of the second half and stepped on the ground. He played for around 26 minutes, but only touched the ball 3 times and didn’t show much activity. Tuhel, who suffered a resounding defeat in the home room, could not hide his intense emotions in an interview held after the match. “Harry Kane probably thinks we haven’t trained at all in the last four weeks,” he criticized the players’ performances.

Today’s game is a very big problem. The problem continued from the last home game against Leipzig last season,” he said strongly.

As if he couldn’t understand it, Tuchel repeatedly expressed frustration, saying, “I faced Manchester City, Liverpool and AS Monaco in pre-season, but I can’t explain today’s game. There was a lot of things are lacking. I don’t know.”

In response, Matheus said the players would not have taken Tuhell’s intense interview well. Matheus is a person who praised Kim Min-jae for joining Munich, saying, “It was a great transfer.” He said, “Min-jae Kim was clearly one of the best players in Serie A.” “Kim Min-jae wants to keep learning and growing. Matheus said in his column, “Coach Tuchel spoke very critically after the game. His words and actions can make it difficult for players to understand and complicate their heads.”

Matheus said, “If coach Tuchel is not careful with his words and actions, there will not be proper management of the locker room. Matheus then criticized that the wrong choice was to put Kane into the game less than a day after joining. The media said, “Instead, Kane showed a much better performance in the next game after catching his breath. He scored a goal and an assist in the Bundesliga opener against Werder Bremen.” Kane started in the Bundesliga opener of the 2023-2024 season against Bremen, which took place about a week later, and led a 4-0 win with one goal and one assist .

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