German Immunization Committee recommends vaccination against monkey pox in risk group

The German Immunization Committee announced on the 9th (local time) that it recommends vaccinated against monkey pox in risk groups.

Risk groups include men who have sexual intercourse with multiple male partners and employees working in specific laboratories.

The German Immunization Committee explained the background to the recommendation, saying that all 130 cases of monkeypox confirmed in Germany so far were homosexual or bisexual men.

Accordingly, it is explained that they need special protection.

In the European Union (EU), the vaccine Imvanex, which has already been confirmed to be effective against monkeypox, has been approved.

This vaccine can prevent infection even if you have already come into contact with the virus if certain conditions are met.

The Vaccination Committee pointed out that the supply of monkeypox vaccine is not expected to be sufficient for the time being, so vaccination should be given priority to those who have come into contact with the virus.

Monkeypox, which has similar symptoms to smallpox, is not easily transmitted.

Transmission occurs after close physical contact, especially through mucous membranes.

The monkey pox vaccine becomes immune when given in two doses at 28-day intervals.

If you have been vaccinated against smallpox in the past, you only need to get one dose.

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