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Germany vs Spain, match time: 11/28 03:00

KS lottery analysis and recommendation: Spain (Lottery prediction: no handicap)

There was a big gap between the two teams in their first game, Germany suffering a brutal reversal in the first game; Spain beat Costa Rica 7-0. If Spain wins this game again, they will surely advance to the quarter-finals.

From the point of view of the European Cup, Germany’s defense has not been in place, and it is useless to change the line.

On the other hand, Spain’s offensive performance this year is very beautiful. Not only did they score seven points in the first game, they even scored goals in friendly matches. Last year, they scored six goals against Germany. .This game is still reliable.

Not only is there a gap between the two teams in terms of offensive status, but even Spain is better in defense. There is really no reason not to pick Spain to win this game. KS is hopeful for Spain’s victory and progress to the quarter-finals.

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