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Germany warns people that if they don’t get vaccinated, they get infected or die.

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Mr. Jens Spahn, Minister of Public HealthGermanysaid that in this 2-3 months, it may end the winter Everyone in Germany, if not vaccinated, will either recover or die. The results of the delta species are very contagious.

“This is why we are urgently recommending that people get vaccinated,” the minister said.

The decisive warning came as Germany was rushing to curb the number of infections.Covid-19 has reached a record high in the past few weeks. The hospital warned that patients were overflowing with the ICU.

Even though the vaccination against COVID-19 In Germany it will be free and thorough. But the full-dose population is only 68%, experts say. too low to contain the outbreak.

Data from the Robert Cock Institute today (22 Nov). Germany, the most populous country inEuropean Union (EU) There were 30,643 new cases, bringing the total since the outbreak to 5.3 million, and nearly 100,000 more deaths, including 62 in the last 24 hours.

Last week, Germany announced tougher measures to curb the fourth wave of the deadly outbreak in a region with high hospital admission rates. People who have not been vaccinated can enter public places such as movie theaters, gyms, and eat in enclosed places.

Employees asked to go back to work from home. People entering the office must prove that they have been vaccinated, have recovered, or have recently tested negative for COVID. Known as the “3G system”, public transport in the area follows the same rules.

The worst-hit regions of Bavaria and Saxony go even further. with the cancellation of major events such as the Christmas market and prohibiting people from vaccinating against unnecessary public activities with immediate effect

All adults who have been vaccinated are requested to have a booster shot. Because the efficacy of the vaccine decreases after 6 months of vaccination.


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