Get a glimpse of the temple in Phetchabun Since the abbot demanded the son of the temple, take methamphetamine, purple pee

On November 28, 2022, reporters reported that By order of Mr. Krit Khongmuang, Governor of Phetchabun Province and Maj Gen. Thadet Klomkliang, Phetchabun State Police Chief. Instructed police officers, Bueng Sam Phan Police Station, village chief administrative officers and Bueng Sam Phan Hospital joint screening for amphetamine users Continuously according to the “R X-Ray” project to bring the user into the healing process I hope to return good people back to society

by targeting young people at risk labor group Workers in different factories even the monks In the area there was no omission.

Recently, by the director of Mr. Sompong Thongnoonui, Bueng Sam Phan District Chief. More than 15 officers gathered in the area. Drug detection in the factory AND a temple in the area of ​​Bueng Sam Phan Sub-District, Bueng Sam Phan District, Phetchabun Province, and asked to detect drugs throughout the temple not even the abbot In this temple, there are 4 monks in total, including an abbot the temple.

According to the results of drug detection, all 4 monks, including the abbot of the temple, were found to be. who has been ordained for more than 10 years and has found purple purple On the side of Bueng Sam Phan Sheriff has therefore instructed the officers to make wear in accordance with the regulations

But at the same time, the villagers were worried that the temple would be abandoned. Because now there are no more monks left in the temple, and in the temple there are assets that must be taken care of. Including more than 10 cats and dogs that need to be fed.

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