Get an Incredible Deal on the Apple iPad Air (M1) – Up to 83% Off!

CMHK Back to School Promotion: Apple iPad Air (M1) Now Available at an Incredible 83% Discount!

In a stunning deal, the Apple iPad Air (M1) is now being offered at a whopping 83% off! This latest model, equipped with the powerful Apple M1 chip boasting an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, delivers unparalleled performance. As part of a limited-time “Back to School” offer by several online stores, the iPad Air (M1) is currently available at a discount of approximately 13% off the original price.

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CMHK Launches Spectacular “Back to School” Promotion

CMHK has kicked off their highly anticipated “Back to School” promotion, showcasing a wide range of products at special prices. One standout offer is the Wi-Fi 64GB iPad Air (M1), which is now available for just HK$3,999, reduced from the original price of HK$4,799, providing a massive savings of HK$800. With five stunning color options including Purple, Starlight, Blue, Pink, and Space Gray, customers can choose their preferred style. As a bonus, this clean machine discount does not require customers to enter into any contracts. To make your purchase, simply visit the CMHK eShop 【Click here】.

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The iPad Air (M1) boasts a sleek design with rounded corners and straight edges. Its impressive 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display offers a brightness of 500nits and supports the True Tone Display color temperature adjustment function, meeting the needs of even the most discerning professional users. With the innovative Universal Control feature, users can effortlessly transform their iPad Air (M1) into a beautiful wireless second screen for their MacBook, enhancing productivity. Powered by the cutting-edge Apple M1 chip, Apple claims that the 8-core CPU provides performance improvements of up to 60% compared to the previous A14 generation Bionic chip, while the 8-core GPU delivers twice the image processing performance for seamless multitasking and stunning visuals.

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Apple iPad Air (M1) 83% off! Apple iPad Air (M1) uses the Apple M1 chip, which is an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, which has the best performance. Recently, some online stores have launched a limited time “Back to School” offer, among which the iPad Air (M1) is even on sale at around 13% off.

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CMHK launched the “Back to School” promotion. From now until September 4, a variety of products are on sale at special prices. Among them, Wi-Fi 64GB iPad Air (M1) is reduced from the official price of HK$4,799 by HK$800 to HK$3,999.Purple, starlight, blue, pink and space gray, five colors to choose from. Because it is a clean machine discount, customers do not need to sign a contract. Customers can go to CMHK eShop to buy 【Click here】.

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iPad Air (M1) follows the design of rounded corners and straight edges. It has a 10.9″ Liquid Retina display with a height of 500nits. It supports the True Tone Display color temperature adjustment function and corresponds to the P3 color gamut, which meets the requirements of professional users. With the Universal Control function, users can even turn r beautiful light in MacBook wireless Second Screen, which is very practical The iPad Air (M1) is replaced by an Apple M1 chip. Compared to the previous A14 generation Bionic chip, Apple claims that its 8-core CPU brings performance up to 60% faster. , while the 8-core GPU brings up to twice as fast image processing performance.

Source: CMHK

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