Get away from grumbling Continue to use the km to stop torture – carry away, claiming “Big Joke”, ready to fire, let someone else do it instead

“Rome” beat the Royal Thai Police, demanding to use the km to prevent torture – carried away, claiming that it is not ready, while “Big Joke” repeats that everything is ready. Ignoring the dismissal of the Chief of Police he resigned let someone else do it instead cause of management failure

Today (January 12), Mr Rangsiman Rome, MP for the roster and spokesman for the Progressive Party Press Release following on 6 January. Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat The National Police Commander has signed a letter asking to slow down the process of enforcing the law against enforced disappearance and torture. This law has been passed by the House of Representatives for several months. And this law, when it was passed by the House of Representatives, was not immediately enforced. because we have to wait for the announcement in the Royal Gazette And there is a time limit for government agencies to prepare. But the main concern of The Royal Thai Police (RTP) fears that it will not be able to act. is the process of keeping the accused in custody forcing the camera to be recorded in order to check that he is detaining the accused legally no torture Chaos This is normal in many countries. Detention of government officials includes torture. or storage that does not meet international standards

“The intention of this law is good. We have given enough time to the Royal Thai Police and relevant agencies, but it is a shame that the Police Commissioner has said instead that in order to comply with this law, cameras and audio recordings must be bought and many must that he trained two hundred thousand government officials He said this time was not enough. so want to be postponed first I believe this postponement Apparently the commander in chief of the police is supposed to use the royal decree. while delaying the enforcement of that Act Which, in his opinion, cannot be done,” said Mr. Rangsiman.

Mr Rangsiman said the sub-committee on justice of the House of Representatives invited a representative of the Royal Thai Police, with Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, to explain and reiterated that the Royal Thai Police is ready to comply with this law. Lack of equipment and staff is no excuse for not following this law. All agencies clearly stated that they could comply. If there is any problem, please use the mobile phone to record the problem first. Or if you really need to buy a camera, you can withdraw the middle budget first.

“So you’re bipolar? How exactly? He clearly said he was ready. And we also give advice that the middle budget can be used. But this time, he made another kind of book,” said Mr. Rangsiman.

Rangsiman that he is sending it to the Prime Minister. and Minister of Justice to comply with this law Do not use Vicha Mara to issue the Royal Decree to suspend this law. Which Thailand has received a lot of praise This law is considered to damage Thailand’s reputation. making Thailand spineless in the eyes of foreign countries that have enacted good laws but not enforced As far as he has examined in many police stations, he is beginning to be ready to enforce this law. But the first person to say he wasn’t ready was the Police Commissioner himself, who saw that if he wasn’t ready, he should leave. Because there are others who are more willing


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