Get into the music business! “Pitch Photharamic” captured “Bank Chindanai” to sit in control of E29 MUSIC IDENTITIES

The music industry is preparing to be a sensation. behind Thailand’s leading businessmen Pitch Photharamik Mr announcing a full penetration into the music business With Web3.0 technology and NFT Music Streaming to open up the music experience without limits. with support from domestic and international partners through grabs Bank – Chindai Phuwakul Sit on the music label management podium. “E29 MUSIC IDENTITIES” (Yet Nine Music Identity) with a degree as brother to BamBam-Kuntpimuk Phuwakul or “BamBam GOT7”

by the experience and skill of music of Chindanai That is second to none. Because he has been behind the success and has been a consultant for music labels in the entertainment industry in Thailand and South Korea for more than 7 years. Prepare to create a variety of quality artists. to enter the Thai market and continue to expand to ASEAN and Asia levels There are also important friends. TV station MONO29 also provided support.

I am very honored to be entrusted by Khun Pich Photharamic to join us in creating a record label. E29 MUSICAL IDENTITIES I have set the concept of the camp as a space for music as Free Space of the artist, anyone who likes any kind of music can come to us. The artists of the camp will have a variety of styles. Not limited to music POP We only let the artist take his own path by creating works. with the camp to support ideas and develop them together Artists are present in all workflows, engaging with the team every step of the way. so that he can own the work which is his own as much as possible.” Chindanai say

The camp’s work will be a mixture of Thais and foreigners. Making the works have a broad, exotic and limitless perspective. With the support of Mr. Pitch, the camp will continue to work to its full potential in all aspects. At the same time, the camp has planned to expand the business to be stronger. With the introduction of Web3.0 technology to open a new music experience such as NFT Music Streaming, Metaverse Concerts, Fan Token community and Showbiz Business format to make E29 MUSIC IDENTITIES ready to be a fully integrated Music Entertainment and also preparing to make markets in ASEAN and Asia in the future


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