Get Lost; Chiranjeevi on what Salman Khan told the producers of Godfather

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‘Lost’; Chiranjeevi on what Salman Khan told the producers of Godfather

Godfather, the Telugu remake of Prithviraj-Mohanlal film Lucifer, which became a huge hit in Malayalam, is gearing up for release. The film will hit the theaters on October 5.

Chiranjeevi and Nayanthara play the lead roles in the film and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan also makes a guest appearance. The film is produced by Chiranjeevi’s son and Telugu star Ramcharan.

Salman is playing the role of Prithviraj in Lucifer in Telugu. Chiranjeevi had already revealed that Salman was not paid for his role in Godfather and he accepted to act in the film without even listening to the script.

Chiranjeevi is now talking about Salman acting in the film without being paid and his reaction when he was offered money. The actor was speaking in an interview given to Film Companion.

” I sent a message to Salman. Immediately came his answer, ‘Tell Chiru Garu, what do you want.’ I said, ‘There’s a little character, a good character, if you want you can watch Lucifer.’

No chiru love. No need to see Lucifer. I will make this film. Send one of yours here. We can talk about dates and things,’ said Salman. He readily agreed.

He did not want to be paid for his role in Godfather. When my producers went to meet him and offered him some money, Salman replied, ‘You cannot buy my love for Chiranjeevi Garu and Ramcharan with money. “Get lost,” said Chiranjeevi.

The actor added that Salman Khan is a close friend of their family and they have a lot of respect for him.

Meanwhile, the stills, teaser and trailer of Godfather released by the Malayali audience received huge criticism and trolls. When Lucifer’s Stephen Nedumpalli came to Telugu, he danced with Salman’s character and ‘smashed a wall with a jeep’, which led to the trolls.

This suggests that Godfather is ready with typical Maas masala Telugu movie ingredients. There is also criticism that Godfather does not do justice to Lucifer.

Content highlight: Chiranjeevi says angry Salman Khan said ‘get lost’ after being offered money for Godfather

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