Get off at Shin A-young, go to the US to see family… “I haven’t seen my husband in months”


▲ Get off at Ayoung Shin (Source = Ayoung Shin SNS)

Broadcaster Shin A-young leaves’Welcome to Korea, isn’t it the first time?’

Shin A-young is Choi’s MBC Everyone’s “Welcome to Korea, is it the first time? Through the recording, he said, “I will go to the US for a while to meet my family.”

Shin A-young has been with her as the host mother of’Welcome to Korea, is it the first time?’ for about 4 years, starting with the first broadcast in June 2017. However, with the recent corona 19 prolonged, we decided to get off to meet our family in the United States.

Shin A-young married her current husband, a Harvard motive in 2018. Her husband is known to be working in the finance industry in New York at the age of two.

Shin A-young appeared on JTBC’s’Knowing Brother’ that was broadcast in June and said, “I haven’t seen my husband for 6 months now.”

Meanwhile, MBC announcer Park Ji-min will be with Shin A-young as the successor.



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