Get on top of the boxing podium! “Tawanchai” won the “Best Muay Thai” and “Star of the Year 2022” awards

In 2022, no Muay Thai star will create more excitement on the ONE Championship stage than “Left Dara” Tawanchai PK. Sanchaimuaythaigym, ONE Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion. Ravette until UN Championship decided to award 2 awards “Best Thai Boxer of the Year 2022” and “Star of the Year 2022” for winning 3 fights in a row during the last year. for this young boxer from Pattaya

over the past 12 months It was a memorable moment for “Tawanchai” on the ONE Champion world stage after the first 2 fights that came to the top in 2021. He had a win-1-loss performance before the owner of the nickname “Left Dara” committed to training , he returned to three straight wins, two of them by knockout, and his excellent form earned him a $50,000 bonus.

But every success story comes at the cost of sacrificing something. One of them is the friendship between “Tawanchai” and “Saemapetch Fairtex” when they met in ONE: HEAVY HITTERS on January 14, 2022.
Before this fight, “Tawanchai” said that he could separate his personal relationship with fighting in the ring. And he delivered on his word by defeating the #1 contender in the Muay Thai bantamweight rankings. In short order, after “Tawanchai” fired a straight left punch, sending the older boxer down to lie on the stage at 2:55 minutes of the first round.

However, having difficulty keeping the weight within the 145-pound range of the bantamweight division, “Tawan Shining” announced to “Mitch Chilson”, ONE Championship ring announcer, during the post-fight Interview. that he will move back to the featherweight division to chase the gold belt.

The ONE Championship boxing team immediately recorded the words “Tawanchai” and brought the Thai boxer into the playoffs to find a challenger for the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship. With “Dreamchaser” Niklas Larsen in the main event of UN 158 five months later , and I wouldn’t expect “Tawanchai” to show another impressive form.
2The 23-year-old boxer from Thailand has a tight plan to cope with the fierce fighting style of his Danish opponent. Use your agility to avoid Larsen’s attacks. Ready to launch a counter weapon, including a series of punches, body kicks and elbows

At 1:42 minutes of the 2nd round, “Sun Shine” landed a straight left to finish the fight again. plus a $50,000 bonus from Chatri Sityodtong, ONE Founder, Chairman and CEO, and a chance to challenge Petchmorakot Academy Petchyindee, ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion.

Finally, “Tawan Chai”, a rising star Thai boxer. Had the opportunity to experience the greatness of the World Championship in the battle of ONE 161 on September 29, 2022. That night in Singapore, “Tawan Chai” took the throne from the senior boxer who held the number one position of this generation for almost. 3 years And he did it with a performance that boxing fans around the world must remember.
3Like the previous work, “Tawan Projection” as a challenger to continuously release weapons. And he almost missed the target until “Petch Morakot” could not punch according to the style of the specialty After having to deal with the dangerous weapons of “Tawan Shining”, including elbows, left fists and heavy kicks throughout 15 minutes in the ring.

After a fierce five-round contest, the out-performer Tawanchai was crowned the new ONE Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion and capped off his great year on a high note.

The side of “Tawan Chai” revealed his feelings after receiving two important awards from this year’s ONE Championship which “I’m very proud. Receiving the best Thai boxer of the year 2022 is an award that I did not expect myself to receive before. It’s a reward that has been used for my hard work and training for all 3 fights I’ve fought in the last year.”
4“For the 2022 Superstar Athlete Award, I would like to thank ONE Championship for awarding me two awards. And definitely find my fights more exciting.”

“Best Thai Boxer of the Year 2022” and “Star of the Year 2022” is an honor worthy of “Tawan Chai”, one of the most talented Thai boxers of this era in Muay Thai during his 1 big year on the stage. ONE Championship by “Best Muay Thai Award 2022” There are also 3 fan favorite Muay Thai boxers in the top 10 of this year’s rankings, including “Tank Jitmuangnon”, “Super Lek Kiat Moo 9” and “Smilla Sundell”

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