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Get out of the field by Little Pink!American actor succumbed to making an apology film and was bombed |

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Beijing time:2021-05-29 07:56

[NewTangDynastyBeijingTimeMay292021]The American Hollywood movie “Fate of Life 9” has been turbulent since its release in China. Recently, the film’s actor, John Cena, was attacked by Little Pink for calling Taiwan a country. So he made an apology video on May 25 to show his sincerity to the CCP, but this action not only attracted fan criticism, but mainstream Americans also condemned his behavior.

“Fatigue 9” is currently being screened in China, but Little Pink has pulled out a clip from John Sinan’s recent interview with Taiwanese TV. Among them, John Sinan mentioned: “Taiwan will be the first country to see “Destiny 9”. “, Little Pink left for John Sinan with a broken glass heart.

In order to put out the fire, John Sinan quickly made an apology video. He said in Chinese: “I love to respect China and the Chinese people more. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my mistakes. I’m sorry. You must understand. I love and respect. China and the Chinese, I’m sorry, goodbye.” Although John Sinan expressed his sincerity to Xiaopin in Chinese, there are still Chinese netizens who criticize him unacceptably, saying: “What mistake did you make? Explain it clearly” and “For the money, get out of China.” “.

Some fans were disappointed by John Sinan’s kneeling to Little Pink. They said: “This is Hollywood” and “He has lost all my respect.” Netizens also criticized John Sinan on forums, “Don’t kneel and lick the CCP anymore.” “, “It seems that money is above morality.”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a link to John Sinan’s apology video on his personal Twitter, and wrote: “Yes! John, you are right. But you bow to the CCP, I can’t agree! We must Stand with Taiwan and fight for freedom”! NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly also blasted John Sinan on Twitter, “It’s disgusting”! I have had too much time with John Sinan in WWE CM Punk, the former wrestler of the second confrontation, simply changed his personal Twitter profile to “Taiwan is a country”, sorrowing John Sinan.

(From the Voice of Hope International Radio/Editor: Ye Ping)

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