Get Ready for Another Round of Free Play Days on Xbox

Xbox Offers Another Exciting Round of Free Play Days

By Jonas Maki –

Xbox gamers, get ready for another thrilling installment of Free Play Days. As you may already know, Microsoft offers a selection of top games for free every weekend exclusively for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This incredible opportunity, aptly named Free Play Days, is now in full swing and will be available until Monday morning at 8:00 BST/9:00 CEST. So, brace yourselves for a weekend filled with endless gaming adventures and perhaps even crossing the finish line of these exciting titles. Plus, what’s even better is that the games come with some remarkable discounts, ensuring an unbeatable gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at the offerings:

1. Control (Xbox One version)
– A mesmerizing game, now available at a whopping 75% discount.

2. Crime Boss: Rockay City
– Embark on a gripping criminal journey and save 30% with this discount.

3. Madden NFL 24
– A must-have for all football enthusiasts, now at a 25% discount.

Of these titles, Madden NFL 24 was released just a few weeks ago, and football fans should not miss the thrilling match between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs, marking the NFL season kickoff today. Control has garnered widespread acclaim, providing an immersive and captivating adventure that is not to be missed. And last but not least, Crime Boss: Rockay City, although receiving mixed reviews, showcases an all-star cast of iconic 80s and 90s characters, including Chuck Norris, Danny Glover, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Michael Madsen, and Vanilla Ice, among others. This weekend presents the perfect opportunity to give these amazing games a try.


Yes, it’s time for another round of free play days for Xbox.

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cnWe’re sure you know this by now, but every weekend, Microsoft offers a collection (often three) of games that Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download and play for free. This proposal is calledFree Play Days, which is now live and running until 8:00 BST/9:00 CEST Monday morning, giving you plenty of time to explore the game and maybe even finish it. As usual, there are some pretty deep discounts on the titles available, and this week is no exception. Here are the games included:

Control (Xbox One version)

(75% off)

Crime Boss: Rockay City

(30% off)

Madden NFL 24

(25% off)

Madden NFL 24 was released a few weeks ago and you should definitely catch the Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs as the NFL season kickoff between the two teams takes place today. Management is a widely acclaimed restorative adventure. Finally there’s Crime Boss: Rockay City, which got mixed reviews but combines one of the coolest voice acting ever, with famous characters from the late 80s and 90s (such as Chuck Norris, Danny Glover, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Michael Madsen, Vanilla Ice , etc.). Will you be trying out any of these games this weekend? Source:

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