Get the ABKO A900 3389 RGB Gaming Mouse at a Special Discounted Price!

**ABKO Introduces New Life Platform with Special Promotion on A900 Gaming Mouse**

Seoul, South Korea – Abko Co, Ltd (, a pioneering force in creating innovative lifestyle solutions, has announced a limited-time promotion on their renowned ABKO A900 3389 RGB Gaming Mouse. Crafted to redefine the gaming experience, the A900 is being offered at a special price of 9,980 earned exclusively at select Dim Brand branches.

An Unparalleled Gaming Experience

The ABKO A900 3389 is a gaming mouse that captivates with its distinctive design, reminiscent of sleek car headlights, instantly immersing gamers in a thrilling gaming ambiance. This cutting-edge device showcases front and side RGB LED effects, adding a touch of visual flair to elevate any gaming setup.

Additionally, the A900 is equipped with the finest gaming sensor in the market, the Pixart PMW3389. This sensor guarantees exceptional precision, ensuring seamless and lightning-fast responsiveness. Unlike ordinary mice that rely on an 8-bit type MCU, the A900 boasts a 32-bit type MCU, optimizing the sensor’s performance and allowing users to maintain their macro, RGB, and DPI settings, even if the mouse becomes temporarily disconnected.

Unmatched Features and Performance

The ABKO A900 offers an impressive array of features, making it the ultimate gaming companion. With a polling rate of 1,000Hz, gamers can experience lag-free and ultra-smooth performance. Furthermore, users have the convenience of adjusting the DPI in 7 steps, scaling up to an impressive 5,000, empowering them to customize their gaming experience to match their preferences.

Designed for versatility, the A900 includes a detachable magnet weight, providing gamers with the option to fine-tune the mouse’s weight distribution according to their comfort level. To enhance maneuverability and ensure seamless gliding, Teflon feet have been thoughtfully placed, minimizing surface friction and enabling precise tracking over a wide area.

Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Promotion

This limited-time offer, granting gaming enthusiasts access to the A900 mouse with the highly coveted PMW3389 sensor at only 9,000 won, is exclusive to select No Brand branches. We urge all gaming aficionados to seize this incredible opportunity and visit us at their earliest convenience to elevate their gaming prowess.

Abko Co, Ltd ( CEO Oh Kwang-geun), which creates a new life pattern, “New Life Platform,” announced a special promotion of the ABKO A900 3389 RGB Gaming Mouse (referred to here after this to as A900).

You can buy the A900 at a discount of 9,980 earned through this special price, which is kept in limited quantities at Dim Brand branches.

A900 3389 is a gaming mouse with a more unique feel, with a design reminiscent of car headlights, creating a gaming mood with front and side RGB LED effects.

This product adopts the best gaming sensor, Pixart PMW3389, and has excellent precision with sophisticated and fast response speed. A typical mouse has an 8-bit type MCU, which is difficult to optimize the sensor’s performance, but Abco’s A900 has a 32-bit type MCU, so macro, RGB, and DPI settings can be maintained even if the mouse disconnected. .

In addition, a polling rate of 1,000Hz is supported, DPI can be adjusted in 7 steps up to 5,000, a 6g type of detachable magnet weight is included, and Teflon feet are placed in a wide area to reduce surface friction. Details have been added to enable tracking.

This special price, where you can see a gaming mouse with a PMW3389 sensor applied at 9,000 won, is held in the No Brand branch, so visit us as soon as possible.

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