Get to know Bai Thakon after the court sentenced him to three years in prison against the Myanmar coup.

as a result of Myanmar military government has issued an arrest warrant Celebrities-singers-actresses and celebrities of the country who came out to move against the coup, many on charges of sedition, according to the Criminal Code Section 505 (B), one of them is a famous model. bai takon who were arrested by the police and soldiers at 5 am on the date (8 Apr 64) after an arrest warrant was issued

Bai Thakon is still being held in Insein Prison. yangon city Recently, BBC Burmese reports that young model Bai Takon has been tried by a military court.sentenced to prison 3 years and keep working hard in prison

Bai Thakon grew up in Koh Tanaosri. He is the 4th out of six children, with his mother wanting him to be a model and he likes the entertainment industry. So he began to look for opportunities to work that he loved until in 2014 he had the opportunity to enter the field of modeling. Gaining experience until there are advertisements, music, and acting.

As a model, Bai Takon had more than 1 million followers on Facebook and 1 million followers on IG as well.

Bai Takon entered the modeling industry with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Most people think of him as having a resemblance to famous Korean idols such as Kai EXO and male lead Kim Soo Hyun. Perfect until it comes out as a bait.

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Young Bai’s home status is unusual. Ranked as the top billionaires of Myanmar Because it is a partner bank (United Amara UAB) that is known for the famous private bank of Myanmar. There are as many as 78 branches nationwide. He is also the owner of the famous cosmetic brand KHON.

As a child, the family encouraged Young Bai. Are you a doctor or an engineer? As a result, he intends to study specially to fulfill his family’s dreams. Before the change came to the entertainment line.

which after the family gave the green light to work in entertainment Young Bai immediately announced his birth as a model in 2014 and continued to be a full-time actor in 2018 with many works and well-known both at home and abroad.

Young Bai is also very talented in music. Because they can play both guitar and violin at a good level. They also have their own solo albums. that generates a lot of income Plus, all proceeds from the album’s sales were all donated to him.

Young Bai’s ideal girl is the young female protagonist Baifern Pimchanok, who previously opened up about all specs liking until She is the dream girl that Young Bai really wants to meet in person. If working together is like a dream come true In the past, both of them had the opportunity to work together in advertising. This made the young man feel very embarrassed.

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