Get to know Equality Marketing, how to build a brand with equality in Central moving forward since the beginning of 2023

Social business strategies are being driven by many organisations. One of them is Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC, which started in 2023 with an Equality Marketing plan or a marketing plan that focuses on equality.

CRC chooses to communicate its brand through equality with the Thematic campaign, starting with the Rhodd i Rhodd project which awards scholarships through the Education Equity Fund.

How the campaign will help promote the image of Green and Sustainable Retail and CRC and how the study links ESG-based business practices can be followed in the next lines.

CRC and ESG are planning ahead

Piyawan Leelasompha, Executive Vice President of Marketing Department, Central Retail Corporation Plc., said that CRC has started moving forward with the Equality Marketing plan or marketing that emphasizes equality. Increase the efficiency of doing ESG-focused business.

“Equality Marking is a new type of marketing. Emphasis on reducing inequalities in various matters, because if it is not corrected quickly the distance between the rich and the poor will continue to widen, and the CRC wants to put itself in the middle to close that gap. “

To begin with, CRC is launching a Thematic campaign which focuses on supporting such issues especially starting in 2023 with the Gift to Gift project. The Education Equality Fund (FFE) to act as an intermediary by encouraging the general public to support disadvantaged children in education.

Make media to help encourage scholarship contributions.

For the Rhodd i Rhodd project, CRC has developed advertising media that presents the dreams of four talented children in different areas such as playing music, drawing and inventing, etc. Billboards in various places, including online channels

“The Gift to Gift program is one of the business plans that focuses on the ESG. and create quality people in Thai society Let no one be left behind.”

Continue to sell products and do various activities

The CRC is also preparing to bring inventions. Including the various artworks of each of the 4 children to expand product sales and carry out marketing activities in other corners together to inspire a new generation of children and strengthen CRC’s sustainable business image in the future.


ESG trends are happening in every organization. because nowadays consumers pay attention to social issues and the environment more So, if any organization has not moved forward There is a high chance that the memory of an organization that does business sustainably will not exist in the new generation of consumers . So it’s no surprise that leading organizations in Thailand and the world are actively moving forward with ESG business strategies.

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