Get to know “Lego Rapeepong” from Project Alpha, an Idol Group artist under GMMTV.

A solo show to save Alpha’s throne

Project AlphaProject Alpha It is a singing, dancing, rap competition of 27 contestants, while there are many special shows to watch. In the competition is to do one show. The first show in the competition is “Ask a Song” In this show, Lego chose to show a new dance style as a challenge to their abilities. Move from line-dancing hip-hop to straight-back dancing with graceful movements, turning Chaines Turns, a ballet-style spin. The second song in the show is “17 minutes of music” which shows the difficulty of the choreography even more, including Basic Hiphop Foundation acrobatics, putting various techniques into the dance with full force. Also showing the best talent as well, it was very happy for the audience as we watched a show good “Lego” is the person set by the judges as the program’s dance standard This standard is a pressure and a trigger that makes Lego strive harder. Never stop improving and go as far as you can.

every show of “Lego” Both are single show for competition, show Alpha To show the potential and the various Special Shows, which all make us feel excited, impressed and want to see the LEGO show continue as one of the 5 winners of this competition. And satisfied when the result of the LEGO competition was announced as the winner of the Grŵp Idol artist under the label. GMMTV It is called the first step to becoming a full artist in LEGO has begun. Let’s continue to watch and see that all 5 Alpha, includes Lego Rapeepong, Thanat nut, William Chakraphat, Tui Chayathorn a Hong Phichetpong What work will come out for you to see?

Project AlphaProject Alphafollow”Lego Rapeepong”

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Project AlphaProject AlphaFollow the story from the list. “Project Alpha”

– Get to know the 27 contestants of “Project Alpha”, a new show from “GMMTV”.

-Meet Lego, Nut, William, Tui and Hong, who won the “Project Alpha” competition to become “GMMTV” idol artists

– Review of William Chakraphat A27 from Project Alpha, showing the song I’ve forgotten how to forget (Fade)

Project Alpha

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YouTube :: 17 minutes (17 minutes) / Ask a word (QUESTION?) / Like this (OUCH!)

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