Get to know Nat Kitcharit, the owner of a great phrase! born as a son of a rich man If you don’t act your head…

became a hot topic after a clip from the project The Good Human by Ben Thanachart The famous director from Salmon House took me to decipher the success. Van Thitipong billionaire businessman Until becoming a hot viral, people share a thunderous hit that quickly surpassed a million views.

The clip has a great sentence that has been talked about a lot and that creates a lot of hilarity. is the inspirational phrase that “Born to be the son of a rich man If you don’t act too head-to-toe Still, it’s a success.”

Many people have admired the actors who performed very well and came into the role until they thought that Van Thitipong exist And find out who the actors in the clip are? spring entertainment So I would like to take you to get acquainted with Nut Nat Kitcharit The 28-year-old actor in the clip

Nat Jang was born from the role of Bomb in the movie App War. App chonapp has worked in short films, commercials, stage plays and TV series, including many MVs. The latest film work of this young man is 4 vocational kings in the 90’s as Oh Prachachon

Nut entered the entertainment industry as an actor under Workpoint. Entertainment from Banana Gangster contest, audition game show Nat is currently an independent actor. and is a DJ under EDS Friday Station during EDS NIGHT NIGHT every Monday – Friday from 22.00 – 24.00



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