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In addition to acting and modeling, Perth has the ability tosingwith the song titled “Can I call my girlfriend (Call Me My Boo)?” which is Ost.Naughty Lightning story. I can tell you that Perth’s voice is very bright and cute. Plus, Perth’s voice is also very unique. Oh! She’s a very talented girl who is really admirable ♥️

  • Can I Call My Girlfriend ( Call Me My Boo ) – Perth【OFFICIAL MV】| Naughty Lightning Story

series “Gal Rak Senior, Love Mechanics” The story takes place from Mark (played by War Wanarat), he is a handsome 1st year engineer who is opposed to V (Yin Anan) because Mark has fallen in love with V’s rusty friend. But then everything changes when Mark and V accidentally have a secret relationship!? But then everything wasn’t as beautiful as he thought because Mark had a girlfriend like Ploy (played by Perth Wirinsara). As for Mark, who saw that. So he opened his heart to Nuea (played by Prom Ratchapat) and Pak (Rit Ruangrit). How will this chaotic relationship be? Must go to follow at Khon Rak Senior, Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics : WeTV ORIGINAL [Official Trailer]

  • Character introduction: Ploy [WeTV Original : กลรักรุ่นพี่ | Love Mechanics]

In the senior love series Love Mechanics, Perth girl plays the role of “gem” by being the most beautiful girl in the 3rd year of fine arts with a degree as a university star Unique is a bright smile. Which Ploy is a beautiful girl that all boys like, which Ploy chose V (played by Yin Anan) to be her girlfriend, known as another character that is an important variable of the story and is also very distinctive. as well By the chaotic love story this time, how will it be? You must follow and watch!?

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Love Mechanics

Personality and character of the young womanShe is a beautiful and cute girl. There is a character that looks very friendly. Easy to get along with others, easy to smile, good laughter, cheerful and bright, very age appropriate. It also has a very playful corner that makes anyone who sees it will surely fall in love with it! And in terms of work, Perth is very serious. Good access to acting roles Until receiving compliments from fans always, what is unique and charming that is not like anyone else of Perth is She is a person who has a very cute smile with an Eye Smile that anyone who sees it will have to smile like it is. Let me tell you that it’s another beautiful girl in the industry who has been completely dropped 😍🫶🏻

Interesting lifestyle of Perth girls She enjoys doing Pilates exercises. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music, like to go to cafe hopping or to be in nature. You can call it all! They also like to take pictures as well.

dressing Perth’s look and fashion She is a beautiful girl who can dress up very bang with a variety of styles. Whether it’s white, elegant, street chic, minimal, tone control called Perth She really can handle it💖💓✨

  • Follow-up channel for Perth Wirinsara

Instagram : @perthkvsr

Twitter : @perthkvsr

How is it for you to know Perth Wirinsara or Ploy in the Kolrak senior series Love Mechanics? I have to say that Perth in the role of Ploy is very interesting. Yes, it’s outstanding and fitting for the role that has been given a lot. Which we believe that many people will definitely have a crush on Ploy from the video introducing herself 🥰 Finally friends You can watch the series Love Mechanics Senior Love Every Saturday at 21:00 via WeTV only!

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Like this person (I crush on you) – Saintsup [ OFFICIAL MV ]

Mandee Channel :

WHY RU The Series | Because of love, right? 【 OFFICIAL TEASER 】

Can I Call My Girlfriend ( Call Me My Boo ) – Perth【OFFICIAL MV】| Naughty Lightning Story

WeTV Originals :

Love Mechanics : WeTV ORIGINAL [Official Trailer]

Character introduction: Ploy [WeTV Original : กลรักรุ่นพี่ | Love Mechanics]

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