Get to know Sonoma, the wine country, the name of the city used in the latest MacOS releases.

Many people who are Apple people should have seen it or seen it through. Let’s have a look at Apple’s latest event, WWDC 2023. Of course, today we will not update new products in any way, but we will tell about the name of the latest macOS version as Sonoma which raises the name City in the the state of California, the United States used to use it. What will this city look like? We will tell you about it.

Sonoma, wine country City names used in recent versions of MacOS.

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Sonoma There is a city in the state of California, USA, located in the middle of the area known as wine grape farming country here. Another major tourist city, San Francisco, is only an hour away. And it’s not just the vineyards. There is also a beautiful landscape. and a vibrant city to attract travelers (Especially the wine line) to continually visit. Because it is rich in more than 400 grape farms, as well as those who love outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and fishing.

History of the City of Sonoma

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Sonoma was founded in 1835 by Mexican military officer Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. The city’s original name was El Pueblo de Sonoma, but it was later renamed Sonoma in 1850. Sonoma played an important role in California history as the site of the Flag Bear Rebellion in 1857. .1846 or Rebellion against Mexican rule and led to the formation Later Republic of California.

Things to do in Sonoma City

As well as wine tasting There is more to see here too, with many museums, art galleries and historical sites. There are also many restaurants, shops and coffee shops in Sonoma. with recommended interesting places like

1. Plaza Sonoma

Sonoma Plaza is considered the center of the city that has it all, it is beautiful and shaded with trees. Featuring a number of historic buildings, including Sonoma Mission and Sonoma Barracks, this is a popular spot for locals and locals alike. and tourists It’s a good place to relax. sit and watch people go by Or enjoy the many restaurants around it.

Originally, the plaza was used for public gatherings such as markets, festivals and religious ceremonies. In the 1840s, the plaza was also home to the Bear Flag Revolt, a rebellion against Mexican rule.

2. Mission Sonoma

Sonoma Mission is a historic Spanish building founded in 1823. Today the building serves as a museum that tells the story of the Spanish missionaries. who came to California during the 18th and 19th centuries.

3. Sonoma Barracks

Sonoma Barracks or Sonoma Barracks An old barracks built in 1836, the barracks is now a museum that tells the story of Mexican soldiers stationed in Sonoma during the Mexican-American War.

4. Jack London State Historic Park

This park keeps the house. and the ranch of Jack London, author of “The Call of the Wild” and “White Fang.” The park is located about 10 miles from Sonoma and is open year-round. Activities include hiking, cycling, horse riding and fishing, as well as a visit to Jack London’s cottage, built in 1886. Jack London and his family’s first home was a small one-room flat.

5. Sonoma Coast State Beach

Sonoma Coast State Beach is the beautiful coast of Sonoma. The park covers 17 miles of beach and is home to a number of species. including seals, seals and whales. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing, hiking and camping in the park.

How to get to Sonoma

  • By plane: The closest airport to Sonoma is the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS), located in Santa Rosa. Several airlines offer direct flights to STS from major cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. Once you arrive at STS, you can rent a car, take a taxi, or use a rideshare service to get to Sonoma.
  • On the train: Amtrak provides train service to Sonoma from San Francisco and Oakland. The train station is located in downtown Sonoma. making it easy to travel to hotels or other destinations.
  • On the Bus: Greyhound and other bus companies can use the bus service. That offers bus service to Sonoma from major cities like California. The bus terminal is located in downtown Sonoma.
  • In the car: You can take Highway 101 north to Highway 37 north, then Highway 121 east to Sonoma.



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