Get to know the NIHA brand of “Nicha Thanalongkorn”, the bride of “Ananda”.

A few days ago, “Nitcha” or Nat – Nicha Thanalongkorn Enter the fashion clothing brand “NICE” has come out to clarify in case there is a misunderstanding that she is the heir to the Jintana underwear brand, in fact, she has no part in the businessBrand imagination

The news has posted a message through social media channels, explaining that “Nat, allow me. From reading the text about the history of Nat. There was a misunderstanding that Nat wanted to correct. Nat is a real grandson. Of Jintana Thanalongkorn’s Grandmother, but Nat is not Jintana’s underwear heir. and it’s not about any business.”

Nicha Thanalongkorn is the founder of the clothing brand NIHA, a personal business that she created with her hands from 2013-2014 until now, a total of 8 years. Participating in international shows such as “Vienna Fashion Week” and “Vancouver Fashion Week”, etc.

Bangkok online business Inviting fashionistas to get to know NIHA better, as well as take them back to the brand “Jintana”, the legendary underwear brand founded by Nicha’s grandmother. who has been with Thai women for 63 years

  • Discover the origin and journey of “NIHA”, a Thai clothing brand.

Let me first say that the owner of this Thai brand is “Nicha Thanalongkorn“ A former high school student at Orinda Academy, USA and then went on to university at Art Academy University in the field of Illustration Design.

After graduation, he immediately returned to Thailand. Then bring the knowledge and skills in the arts to continue the dream. by establishing his own clothing brand by starting the brand NICE since 2013

for such clothing brands It is unique women’s clothing. by Nitcha takes the lead in the position of Creative Director presenting a clothing design thatIt stands out with an illustrator print. (Drawing) under the concept of Sexy (Cain), Smart (Smart) and Artsy (Artsy). Four words that define brand uniqueness very well.

Including the intricate embroidery work the design team carefully selects the material to suit each outfit. Ready to convey the neat cut clothes that can create confidence for the woman who wears it excellently. Suitable for everyday wear and evening parties.

  • Excellent NIHA brand portfolio

For the outstanding works of the NIHA brand shown to fashionistas in Thailand over the past few years there are:

2018: ELLE FASHION WEEK Launches Dark Wonder Collection

The collection is called “Dark Wonder” with functionality in mind. and designed for women of all ages The design is sleek, elegant and timeless, women can wear it on any occasion. The fabric has a detailed silhouette and print. Bringing the beauty of nature at night to present it through a modern style. The outstanding works are embroidered dresses, jumpsuits.

2019: Celebrating the brand’s 5th anniversary, launching the Tropical City collection.

The collection, called “Tropical City”, is a fashion show celebrating its 5th anniversary that the brand wants to emphasize its modern design. Wear it and it’s charming to find. uniquely different Each set of clothes focuses on being practical in everyday life. By adding a playful touch to stand out with embroidery, silk and crystal embellishments. Sew two fabrics together and this collection’s signature watercolor prints. The outstanding work is the mini dress with printed neckline.

2020: Launch of the Kiss Collection.

The collection, called The Kiss Collection, features the brand’s first model, Ananda Everingham, a young actress and her boyfriend. Come and share the story of a new journey. to discover the beauty of art and love This collection focuses on unisex designs. Combining the air of masculine coolness and feminine tenderness throughBring the beauty of ‘The Kiss’ from the great painting ‘Gustav Klimt’ to the clothes. Provides a comfortable feeling when wearing and has a unique design

  • Traces the “Jintana Brand” that Nicha’s grandmother was the founder.

After getting to know Nicha’s business enough This time, I will take you to see your real grandmother’s famous brand business. some of it from youJintana Thanalongkorn is the founder of the brand.”fantasy underwear” established in 1959 in a small shop in Talat Phlu area, Thonburi district.

Imagination underwear was born from the hands of the couple. Khun Adul and Khun Jintana Thanalongkorn, who joined together to build a small business within the family. Khun Jintana is the leading force in sewing design. As Mr Adul continues to innovate in the market and explore customer needs.

Recently, Jintana underwear has become well known among Thai women. The intricate tailoring done by Jintana is known by word of mouth. Combined with Khun Adul’s aggressive marketing vision AND wide eyes, a small business can eventually grow into a stable and strong business.

The uniqueness of the Jintana brand has always been to understand the needs of women of all body types. therefore strives to innovate and create underwear that, as well as providing comfort when wearing It also helps to increase confidence. making women happy under the definition of “body happy”

In addition, the family “Thanalongkorn” also created another brand of underwear business, “Sabina”, established in 1995, formed by a joint venture of the 2nd generation members of the Thanalongkorn family, led by “Wirot Thanalongkorn” who has special expertise in the underwear industry. Continuing from the first generation members of the family Khun Jintana and Mr. Adul Thanalongkorn, Mr Wirot’s mother and father He is also the executive and main shareholder of this company.

The highlight of Sabina underwear is that it has a variety to cover the needs of consumers of all age groups and all price levels. The exterior has a beautiful design. While inside there is a function that is in line with the body of the wearer. Currently, Sabina can answer small breasts and large breasts. It is good quality underwear that is comfortable to wear and always up to date.


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