Home Entertainment Get to know yourself “SAMMii” (Sammy), a Gen-Z artist who owns the charming “Low Tone Voice”.

Get to know yourself “SAMMii” (Sammy), a Gen-Z artist who owns the charming “Low Tone Voice”.

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Get to know the identity of “SAMMii” (Sammy), a new generation of Gen-Z artist !! The owner of “Charming Low Tone Voice”, a new star ready to drive the Thai music industry. Release of the first single “Sunflower”

Count as “Universal Music (Thailand)” It is another record label that pushes new artists to decorate the industry. For music fans to have been keeping an eye on the latest sent “SAMMii (Sammy)” A new generation of 18-year-old Gen-Z artists with outstanding characters with artistic style. Be yourself Plus the ability of thinking, reading in the most profound and subtlety But clearly reach the hearts of young people Comes with a voice “Charming Low Tone Voice” Release of the first single in the name “Sunflower” Music that tells Mood and Tone is indie mixed with smell Bedroom Pop, even reading the song title may be simple. But full of meaning to find Talk about the mood of a secret lover But love is not as fulfilled as intended Because that person did not look

“SAMMii” Tells of her inspiration that led her to touch the pen and write the song “Sunflower” after she accidentally had the opportunity to read a book called “Sunflowers”. “Sunflower on the Moon” Of the writer “Atom Pakorn” Although the content of the book has nothing to do with her music at all. But after she finished reading it Instead, she discovered something remarkably meaningful: this bright yellow flower. Has the meaning of loyalty. And conveys pure love So she defined this love as a flower. “Sunflower” That is why she chose to compose this song. And use the name of the yellow flower as the title of the song

You can watch the MV “Sunflower” here: https://youtu.be/Z4wCtGuRCPY

In this regard, “SAMMii” chose to share the perspective of comparing your lover into “sunflower” while trying to uncover the deep feelings of the lover we are dating. Did he forget his ex or not? Or does he still have that person in his heart like a “sunflower” facing the light? But not facing us. In addition, “SAMMii” also chose to strategically put their own artistry into the MV. Convey feelings and thoughts within the mind Came out through the expressions of his eyes as if he were communicating with the “sunflower” even though he didn’t even look at each other. There was only a feeling of loneliness when he saw “Sunflower” slowly turning his eyes away until he saw only the thin back of his eyes, indicating that the “sunflower” would never turn around. It remains only the reflection of the mirror that she continues to look at “sunflower”, like the self-reminding sentence at the beginning of the MV “Never fall in love with a sunflower” that “SAMMii” says “Do not fall in love with a sunflower”. Then it will hurt and never end there.

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