Geum Tae-seop “Lee Jae-myung also apologized… Kim Nam-guk and Kim Yong-min of ‘Guarding the Fatherland’ should also do it”

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Enter 2021-12-03 16:35 | Edited 2021-12-03 17:18

▲ Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Nam-guk (left) and Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Yong-min. ⓒNewsis

While Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung expressed an apology for the country’s situation, former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop, who left the Democratic Party, asked the views of Democratic Party lawmakers Kim Nam-guk and Kim Yong-min, who entered the National Assembly while taking the lead in defending the country.

The two lawmakers working in the Lee Jae-myung camp must also reflect on the situation in their homeland so that Candidate Lee’s apology can be sincere.

“Reflection on the one hand, and a story that suits the strong supporters on the other.”

Former Rep. Geum said on Facebook on the 3rd, “Personally, I would like to hear the views of Rep. Kim Nam-guk and Kim Yong-min, who took the lead in ‘protecting the homeland’ and are now active in the Lee Jae-myung camp. If you can even see him trying to convince you, you can believe it’s sincere.”

“Otherwise, it is no different from the behavior of hitting the back and touching the stomach,” he said.

Rep. Kim Nam-guk and Rep. Kim Yong-min actively defended former Justice Minister Cho Kuk at the time of the fatherland crisis in 2019 and are called ‘Kids of the Fatherland’. After that, he was elected in the 21st general election in 2020 and entered the National Assembly.

Rep. Kim Nam-guk participated as a member of the ‘White Papers of the Fatherland’ promotion committee. In September, when criticisms related to the state of the homeland came up at a meeting for the 2040 generation, he left the meeting and stood up. Rep. Kim Yong-min, who was born in Minbyon, advocated for prosecutorial reform while serving as a member of the Justice Prosecutor’s Office reform committee during the former Minister Cho’s time.

Former Rep. Geum also emphasized that candidate Lee can only be recognized for his sincerity by restoring the system that has collapsed due to the national crisis.

“If Candidate Jae-myung Lee shows not only words but also movements to restore the system and practices that have been destroyed by the national crisis, it should be evaluated as sincere. “To be specific, the point of observation will be whether or not the disclosure of the indictment and media control measures, which were suddenly introduced after the fatherland and political affairs were indicted, will be canceled,” said former lawmaker Geum, who emphasized.

“It remains to be seen whether those who defended the country with bizarre logic apologize.”

He also emphasized the necessity of an apology to the press and prosecutors. Former lawmaker Geum said, “It is necessary to apologize to the journalists who have heard the rumors about the corruption allegations of the incumbent Justice Minister, and to the prosecutors who were demoted or subjected to unusual inspections after a just investigation.” It remains to be seen whether the people around the passport who have defended the corruption of the Minister of Foreign Affairs but have never reflected on it are made to apologize in front of the people and take responsibility,” he pointed out.

“Without such measures, such remarks cannot be anything more than slurred speeches in the face of an election that now requires a centrist vote after achieving the effect of mobilizing supporters through hard-line remarks during a national crisis,” he said.

Candidate Lee, during a discussion at the Broadcasting Journalists’ Club on the 2nd, said, “I will sincerely apologize with a low attitude to the best of my ability,” and “I will sincerely apologize with a low attitude to the extent that I can.” did.


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