Geumjjok Counseling Center, the gaslight of ‘Suzan’ Kim Seung-jin’s father

[데일리한국 신영선 기자] Singer Kim Seung-jin from ‘Golden Counseling Centre’ admits her relationship with her addicted father.

Today (27th) at 9:30pm on Channel Entertainment program ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Golden Counseling Centre’), a teenage star in the 80s who dominated’ the music industry through his debut album ‘Suzan’ he sang passionately with a sweet voice, starring Kim Seung-jin.

Kim Seung-jin’s mother expresses her concern for her unmarried son, even though he is 56 years old this year. In response, Kim Seung-jin replied, “I married music, don’t talk about it anymore,” revealing the mother and son’s conflicting thoughts on marriage.

First, Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed the concerns, explaining that the age of the unmarried is gradually increasing. Then, Kim Seung-jin, who is 56 years old this year, notes that he is a ‘twilight solo’ and begins a full consultation, but Kim Seung-jin notes that “meeting the opposite sex is frustrating” and adds the point of view “I feel anxious when I think about marriage”, expressing the seriousness of the anxiety.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who listened carefully to the story, asked about the past relationship, and Kim Seung-jin mentioned that he met his first love in his early 20s and dated him for two years. Then, he surprised the family at the counseling center by admitting that it was his first and last love at the time, and that he had been single for 35 years.

Dr. asked. Oh Eun-young, who listened attentively to his story, about his parents’ reaction at the time of dating, and Kim Seung-jin in particular admitted the history of his father’s extreme opposition to dating.

In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young that it is a sign of independence that moves away based on trust with parents, and gives bone bones advice that ‘psychological independence is the feeling of love’. Hearing this, Kim Seung-jin remembers his childhood in his father’s shadow, saying, “I don’t think I ever tried (psychologically) independently.”

Kim Seung-jin admits that the only thing he remembers from his childhood was acting as an advertising model and living only as his father, who was a manager and producer, told him to do until he became is a singer

His father monitored Kim Seung-jin’s entire life and reprimanded him if he did not follow his will. He even reveals the past that his mother fainted while trying to stop her father who had been punished for discipline.

Kim Seung-jin is upset by saying that he remembers the difficult moments and the tears flowing while listening to the song he was active at the time. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who listened carefully to this, notes that Seung-jin Kim’s father was a ‘dictator’-like parent who forced him to follow only the way he had set up.

In addition, he said that the actions his father did to Seung-jin Kim with the words ‘to make you well’ were not really advice, but closer to ‘gaslighting’ which gradually dominated Kim Seung’s psychology -jin.Continue your sober analysis.

Then, Dr. Oh Eun-young speculates that the father’s psychological dominance will continue throughout Kim Seung-jin’s life. In response, Kim Seung-jin admits that he still lives according to his childhood routine, and if he doesn’t, he feels insecure as if he has become a ‘sinner’.

Dr. Oh Eun-young intends to dig deeply into Seung-jin Kim, bombarding the fact that it is not the routine that Seung-jin Kim keeps obsessively, but ‘a standard made by her father’.

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