GH Bank organizes the 2nd Diversity Homes Virtual Fair, the 2nd online housing and finance fair

Come back again Variety Homes Virtual Fair, GH Bank’s 2nd online housing and finance fair, has a special promotion to celebrate 69 years. First year home loan interest is only 1.69% p.a.

Chatchai Sirilai Mr The Managing Director of the Government Housing Bank or GH Bank disclosed this to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the operation GH Bank On September 24, 2022, and to thank the customers of the public for trusting GH Bank to make more than 4 million families the dream of owning their own homes, the Bank organized the Diversity Homes Virtual Fair: Online Housing and Finance Fair by GH Bank for the 2nd time by bringing promotions available at this event in one place available on the Virtualfair website between September 21-25, 2022, where customers can choose to reserve bank products conveniently and quickly from anywhere on their themselves, with highlights as follows:

1. Special interest rate loans The total credit line of 3,500 million baht, divided into 1st interest rate loan, amount of 3,000 million baht, 1st year, equal to MRR-4.46%, currently equal to 1.69% per annum, 2-3rd year equal to MRR-3.46%, currently equal to 2.69% p.a. MRR interest GH Bank Equivalent to 6.150% per annum, the average interest rate for the first 3 years is only 2.35%. A loan for the purchase of second-hand and second-hand homes at a purchase-sale price of not more than 3 million baht, in case of borrowing 1 million baht, the loan term is 40 years, installment payment begins. Starts at 4,000 baht per month only

Reserve the right from September 21, 2022 at 10:00 am to September 25, 2022 at 6:00 pm and a 2nd special promotion with a low interest rate during the Golden Record, limit of 500 million baht. Reserve the right only on 25 September 2022 at 16.00 -16.10 Special hours for home loan customers with the legal limit of 20 in this event. Get Huawei Freebuds 4i headphones.

2. Savings high interest rates Divided into savings deposits at an interest of 2.00% per annum for customers who retain the right to work and open an account with no more than 500,000 baht per person (1 per 1 account). Limited limit Reserve the right from 21-25 September 2022, special during the Golden Record Get the highest deposit interest rates Only in limited working

Reserve the right on 25 September, 2022 from 14.30-14.45 hours Interested parties must reserve the right and open an online account through Application: GHB ALL from September 25, 2022 to September 30, 2022 only.

3. GH Lottery Savings Bank Meet special promotions for customers who buy savings lottery tickets. GH Bank Currently open for deposits, led by a set of leg horn, 1,000 baht per unit, 3-year lottery term, 0.30% annual yield on the lottery page, and the opportunity to receive a variable total profit of up to 1% per year (according to the bank’s specified loan quality. The best of the bank) wins the first prize, the value of the prize is up to 2 million baht throughout 36 draws.

Special: Those who reserve the right and buy lottery tickets between September 21 – October 15, 2022 will receive a special souvenir.

4. Second hand houses Price not over 3 million baht, more than 4,000 items nationwide. Available for sale with discounts of up to 50%, which can be purchased through the GHB homecenter and Mobile Application: GHBank Smart APC from today until September 30, 2022, and order at the event on September 21-25, 2022, special on September 25, 2022. Live time LIVE 3.30-15.45 Meeting the session “cheap and good houses in one minute”, choosing second-hand houses of good quality. Value for money, 10 items are sold at a special price by ordering through the Government Housing Bank’s Facebook Fanpage. And those who subscribe and follow the conditions set by the bank are also eligible to receive a gift voucher worth 20,000 baht as well.

5. Direct housing and condominiums From more than 100 real estate developers nationwide with a purchase price of no more than 3 million baht, offering discounts of up to 1,000,000 baht, with special promotions and free gifts only within the event. Interested parties can check the list of participating residential projects on the Virtualfair website.

Additionally, on September 25, 2022 during the Live Event activity on Facebook Government Housing Bank Between the hours 14:00-16.10, as well as being open to retaining product rights and buying a second-hand house from GH Bank already at a special price Participants can also join in the fun and answer questions to win lots of prizes. and will also meet the first GHB Virtual Influencer who will be officially launched at this event. Who is like a representative of the bank next to everyone who wants to have a home.

Those interested can request more information at GH Bank all branches throughout the country GH Bank Call Center on 0-2645-9000 or Facebook, Government Housing Bank, GH Bank website and Mobile Application: GHB PAWB.

GH Bank organizes the 2nd Diversity Homes Virtual Fair, the 2nd online housing and finance fair

GH Bank organizes the 2nd Diversity Homes Virtual Fair, the 2nd online housing and finance fair

GH Bank organizes the 2nd Diversity Homes Virtual Fair, the 2nd online housing and finance fair

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