Ghost & #naff apples found; on orchard in western Michigan


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The rain left freezing "ghost apples" that were watching around the world, hitting some trees in western Michigan, according to a report from WOOD-TV.

The orbs were created like a glass when the rain created solid iron shells on spoiled apples in the Fruit Ridge area, County Kent, according to Andrew Sietsema, who painted them.

Sietsema said when it was at tree trees, many of the frozen apples completely fell, and the television station reported. But sometimes, only the rotten mush is slid out.

"As I was burning the trees, the molten apples, baking would be baked and spread out of the base when it did not get covered in ice," wrote Sietsema on Facebook.

According to WOOD-TV, Sietsema said that it is particularly the Jonagold variety, "but call these Jonaghosts."

"Ghost apples" was acquired during the construction of apple trees in Kent County, Mich., Wednesday, February 6, 2019. (Photo: Andrew Sietsema)

Fruit Ridge is a fastest growing northwest northeast region of Grand Rapids.

"The glaciers have long been left behind the rolling slopes smoothly. Soil deposits were fertile earth soils that had excellent moisture attributes that gave soil and large terrain to produce fruit, vegetables and livestock growth increase, including buffalo, "which reads on

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