“Ghostwire: Tokyo” version will be Xbox Series X | S compatible with Game Pass and will be released on April 12th. Free update content “Spider Thread” will be delivered on the same day

An action adventure game developed by Tango GameworksGhostwire: Tokyo]available for Xbox Series X | S on April 12, 2023. Game Pass for Xbox and PC will also be supported.

Including the PlayStation 5 version and the existing PC version, the free update content “Spider’s Thread” will be added on the same day.


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In the “Spider’s Thread” update, as well as the new “Spider’s Thread” game mode of the same name, the junior high school district appears as a new location. In addition, new cutscenes, new skills and enemies will be added.

  • spider web mode
    • Challenge the trials of 30 levels featuring more than 130 aircraft.
    • Power up with upgrades as you descend the spider web
    • If you fail, you’ll have to start over, except for some of the improvements.
  • junior high school district
    • Infiltrating a school where threatening classes are held as a new area.
    • A setting such as “generate relaxation fear” that replaces some psychic phenomena with Shibuya Hachiko stickers will also be added.
  • Add a movie scene
  • a new skill
    • Improves skills such as Just Guard Counter, Quick Dodge, Charge Rush, and Spiritual Techniques that add attributes to punches.
    • Items such as “Shosenfufuda”, which creates a whirlwind that soars high, and “Reisenfuda”, which creates a well of spiritual power, will also be added.
  • New Marebito
    • The swift “Kurokujo”, the transparent body “Fumi Kagami”, and the flying “Blood Enchantress” appear.
  • Added photo mode functionality
    • Added stamp function
    • Coin-operated capsule toys will appear in the city, and the figures you get can be used in photo mode

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action-adventure game set in present-day Tokyo, where people have disappeared due to paranormal phenomena. The main character, Akihito, works hard to settle the situation with the “KK” spirit he has lived in. It was released for PlayStation 5 and PC in March last year.


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