Gian 84 “If you have a girlfriend, make it public”, even recommended a marriage information company… Han Hye-jin ‘shameful’

[OSEN=박하영 기자] Kian 84 proposed to Han Hee-jin so far openly.

On the 26th, Han Hye-jin posted a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘Han Hye-jin holds back at Kian’s shocking comments 84 |

In the video, Han Hye-jin visited a clam-grilled house after hiking with Gian 84, and said bitterly, “I have to come here with my girlfriend.” Then, they both started eating scallops. Han Hye-jin said, “I was surprised”, referring to the time when she was popular with the girls in the mountain climbing earlier. In response, Gian 84 made a joke, saying, “I thought it was Lim Young-woong,” as if embarrassed.

Then, Han Hye-jin said, “Do you have a trot? I went to AOMG. There was a rumor that you went because of that.” Gian 84 said, “I’ve talked about that once in Mystic. But Jongshin hyung told me to do it with your money. My brother said, ‘Hey, you have a lot of money. I said, ‘Take care of it’” and laughed. In response, Han Hye-jin said, “I went to AOMG, but I have to release an album. He talked about releasing a duet song called ‘Winter Confession’ with Gian 84 in the past.

Gian 84 asked, “How did the profit go?” and asked the composer to contact him, and Han Hye-jin said, “There is no profit. I can’t even contact you.” Gian 84, who burst into laughter, said, “Didn’t we originally try to donate when we had a profit of about 1 billion?” Han Hye-jin said, “But they said there was no profit” and nailed it. In response, Gian 84 added a laugh, worried about Oer, saying, “Isn’t that where he was damaged?”

In addition, Gian 84 said, “When I was young, my dream was to become a singer. It changed when I was in middle school. as a cartoonist. In the elementary school’s 6th grade graduation album, it is written that it is a dream to become a singer.” Hye-jin Han then admitted, “When I was in the 6th grade in elementary school, the first job I wanted was a bodyguard.” “The second was an interpreter at the time, and the third was a model. At this time, Gian 84 said, “Give up the model title. Now, I’ve had a hard time eating delicious food and managing it for 40 years. I commend you, but let’s eat something delicious. Since there is no fat phase in my sister’s life, can’t I live a decent life?”

Meanwhile, Han Hye-jin lamented, “I should have come with my boyfriend, but I’m only with a man.” In response, Gian 84 asked, “Don’t you come to places like this when you date your girlfriend?” Han Hye-jin immediately replied, “You come when you date your boyfriend.” Then, Gian 84 said, “If you go out with a girlfriend, let’s reveal it a little”, embarrassing Han Hye-jin.

Next, Kia 84 said, “If you open up and break up, shoot (YouTube) as soon as you break up, and if your lover talks about breaking up, say, ‘Wait a minute,’ then turn on the GoPro. Even when kissing, tell her to wait a second. ” Then he asked, “Can I introduce you to my girlfriend?”, and Han Hye-jin said, “It’s fine. I don’t need anyone I just need you,” he said. In response, Kian 84 said, “So I’m going to do it,” and said, “Should we do a video call at least once?”

On the other hand, when the production team asked, ‘Do you two drink often?’ Kian 84 said, “There is a meeting. There is a meeting of old bachelors and old virgins. Hyejin is a bit aggressive when her sister is working, but she’s not a bad person.” The production team expressed their sincerity by saying, “I like our older Hyejin,” and Gian 84 said, “It’s illuminate itself.” I didn’t say a word for a year when Hyejin and my sister did the first program together. It was scary. It turned out that there was nothing special,” she said, pointing out.

In particular, Gian 84 recommended a marriage information company to Han Hye-jin, saying, “There will be people who are right for you, what kind of status you want, your ideal type, and what you want. There are many friends around me who like model-like girls. But they are very scared. I think you will look at me as insignificant. My sister is like a wart,” he said, causing laughter.

Han Hye-jin smiled and said, “If you go to counsel together, I will go. So let’s get you an evaluation too.” In response, when Gian 84 gave a positive answer, saying, “Am I a guardian?”, the production team expressed their expectation that it could develop into content.


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