Gian 84 ‘surprise’ wedding? Skin with ‘Honey’ and the ring and an oath… Watching a film together in bed

Screenshot from ‘Life 84’ YouTube channel

Webtoon author Kian 84 (pictured left, real name Kim Hee-min) experienced a virtual marriage with YouTuber Captain So (〃 right).

Gian 84 recently posted a video titled ‘Kian 84’s Married Life’ on his YouTube channel.

On this day, the two wrote wedding vows for a virtual wedding. Afterwards, the two drew attention by putting their wedding rings on each other after signing the vows.

The two even decided to call each other ‘Honey’ and cook together. Gian 84 laughed at the poor swordsman’s cutting skills and said, “I will cut him. I’ll cut it. It will be dangerous,” he said, revealing a sweet side, saying, “Sit down and I’ll do it for you.”

Seeing this, the principal said, “It was unexpected. It’s an unexpected charm,” she said. “I can’t really cook, but I thought I might. However, he cuts well and is surprisingly attractive, so I thought I could trust him and marry him.”

While sitting side by side to eat, Gian 84 even fed the leader So. Gian 84 said, “It really felt like family. I feel like love,” drawing attention.

Afterwards, they both started watching a horror movie while lying face down on the bed. However, when Gian 84 looked at Captain So’s face and said, “Honey, I can’t see a horror movie?”, Captain So also replied, “Me too.”

Regarding this, Gian 84 said, “I was not immersed. The light went out of his face and his eyes kept going there. The face was much more fun than scary.” Even after going for a walk, Gian 84 said, “It was exciting to walk together. why are you so happy I may not see you again today. It’s a shame that’s true,” he expressed his regret at establishing a virtual marriage.

In particular, in the trailer, Kian 84 and Captain So were revealed to be holding hands, which was surprising. At this time, Gian 84 could not hide his happy expression.

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